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Type  Pancake
Place of origin  Japan
Region or state  Okinawa
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Main ingredients  Egg as food, Flour, Table salt, Black pepper, Scallion
Similar  Sata andagi, Flour, Table salt, Rafute, Funkaso

Kinokawa hirayachi

Hirayachi (Okinawan: ヒラヤーチー Hirayaachii) is an Okinawan pancake-like dish. The ingredients consist of eggs, flour, salt, black pepper and green onions, fried with a little oil in a pan. It is similar to a very simple type of okonomiyaki.


Hirayachi is “a savory Okinawan crepe with leeks." It means "bake flat" in the Okinawan language. It is sometimes referred to as "Okinawan style Okonomiyaki," but it is the home cooking of Okinawa that is similar to the Chijimi (Korean pancake).

To make hirayachi, one should mix wheat flour, an egg, salt, and soup stock lightly, while letting water in little by little. Next, put leeks cut around three centimeters, and stretch it out thinly in the frying pan in oil on medium fire. Finally, when holes appear on the surface, bake it light brown. Tuna, corned beef, Mozuku (a family of seeweed), Goya, and so on can be added. It is also made with very simple materials such as leeks and green onions at home. The surface is crisp and fragrant, and the texture is chewy. It is classic to eat hirayachi with the Worcestershire sauce in Okinawa. Because it is made easily by using one frying pan, Okinawan people often make it if they cannot go out, such as when a typhoon hits. The taste is not decorated, and not flashy, so many people of Okinawa feel the "home of taste" or "mother of taste" in Hirayachi.

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