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Hiran Mitra

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Name  Hiran Mitra

Role  Film Production Designer
Hiran Mitra Hiran Mitra Design is not an Art Installation on stage Kaahon

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Hiran Mitra (born 1945) is an artist based in Kolkata (West Bengal, India). He left his ancestral country home in Kharagpur to study Fine Art in the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata at the age of 14. His paintings are energetic abstract gestural paintings with the choreography of the human body observed from folk dance having influenced his recent calligraphic forms. He has contributed significantly to the visual stimulus in eastern Indian films, television, theatre and literature since in the 1980s. He is also known to have defined a benchmark for book cover design for contemporary Bengali literature. His paintings are statements on the human condition and the twilight zones of reality and time. Bold brush strokes, layered washes and sprays and unconventional use of acrylic and industrial paints characterize his paintings. He is part of the Open Window Artist group and has been part of the Painters 80 Artist group in Kolkata.


Hiran Mitra Hiran Mitra ArtSlant

Hiran Mitra | Documenting theatre rehearsal in sketches

Solo exhibitions

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  • 2007
    Written Image–Paintings & Installation–Oct 2007. Gallery Yapanchitra, India
  • Form and Color–Paintings of Hiran Mitra–Gallery Thuillier, Paris, Oct 07
    Paper Landscapes, Works on paper, at Gallery 27, London, Mar 07
    Book Launch: Shadows–monography (Ed. FDW France, Gerard Xuriguera)

  • 2006
    Inner Sensation, recent paintings by Hiran Mitra, Gallery 27, London
  • 2003
    Works of Movement in Dance, Theatre, Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata
  • 2002
    "Journey with Rang Number", Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata, Performance, Installation.
  • 2000
    Right line Gallery, Bangalore
  • 1997
    Gaganendra Chitrashala, Calcutta
  • 1995
    Graphics on film, Nandan Film & Cultural centre, Calcutta
  • 1995
    Retrospective of two decades 70s–80s, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Calcutta
  • 1991
    Paintings inspired by Voices of Baul Music, Calcutta School of Music
  • 1980
    Paintings, Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta
  • 1969
    Paintings & Drawings, Birla Academy of Arts & Culture, Calcutta
  • 1966
    Paintings & Drawings, Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta
  • Group shows (selection) / International Art Bi-annuals

  • 2008
    Art Full of Bag—An installation concerning the Indian Art Market, Indian Society of Contemporary Artists at Birla Academy, *June 2008
    Fusion III, Art Mosaic Gallery, August 2008
  • 2007
    Biennale dell Arte Contemporane di Firenze, Florence Italy 1
    Open Window group–Art Context gallery, Singapore
  • 2006
    Who Do you think I am ? Gallery in Cork Street, London
    Gallery La Mere, Annual group Show, Kolkata
  • 2005
    "Color Palette" Habitat Centre, New Delhi
    Special artists show, CIMA Kolkata
    Visual Art Gallery–New Delhi
  • 2004
    "Contemporary Forms", Cima Gallery, Kolkata
    Indian Contemporary Art–Eleven Artists, Hart Gallery, Beijing
  • 2003
    Birla Acandemy of Art & Culture
    Art of Bengal, CIMA Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2001
    "Collections d’Hiver", Galerie Jacob, Paris
  • 2000
    "Art & Bread, Kunst au Indien, Curated by Hannalore Christ , Hamburg
    "Contemporary Indian Artists", Birla Academy of Fine Arts, Bangalore
    Painters 80, Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta
    "Art for Heart", Indian National Museum, Calcutta
    Artists of the Millennium, Townhall Museum, Calcutta
  • 1999
    The Contemporary Indian Art Show, Birla Academy, New Delhi & Mumbai
    Abstract Trends International, curated Dr Archana Roy,– Birla Academy, Calcutta
  • Painters 80, Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai

  • 1998
    "All India Show", Birla Academy New Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Calcutta
    Bengal Artists, Birla Academy of Arts & culture, Calcutta
  • 1997
    Eisenstein in the eyes on Artists, graphic sketches, Gorky Sadan, Calcutta
  • 1996
    "All India Show"—Guest Artist, Birla Academy New Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore.
  • 1969
    Emerging Artists of Bengal, French Cultural Centre, Calcutta
  • Public collections

  • Indian National Museum, Nimai Chatterji collection in Tate Modern,
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Dunkerque.
  • Publications and media / editions

  • "Shadows"–Monograph of three decades of works on paper, foreword Gerard Xuriguera, Edition FDW France
  • Painter of the Month: Guest, BBC World Service, hosted by Aminul Haque May 1997.
  • "International Art ?", by Arun Ghosh, (art critic) Calcutta Metropolitan Festival of Art, Edition1997.
  • "Film & Art", by Pralay Sur (Film critic) Nandan Film Institute.
  • "Modern Art in traditional Rural Painting of Bengal
  • "Poetry in Paintings: Four Eminent Poets of Bengal", Volume 1 & 2, Illustrated with paintings of Hiran Mitra.
  • "Art & Society", by Hiran Mitra, Abaad publications, 1996.
  • 1980–99 Essays on Art, Film & Social Behaviour in major daily newspapers.
  • Awards

  • Residency, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, Government of India
  • 1969, 70, 71 Gold Medal, Academy of Fine Arts, All India Emerging Artist
  • Art projects (selection)

  • Art Full of Bag, Installation/Workshop, Birla Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata 2008
  • Scene design with 10m x 6m Canvas, for the Modern drama Tista paarer brithantho
  • Journey with Rang Number, 2002, http://www.Suman
  • Visual Vibrations, live painting with contemporary music performance
  • The Chau Dancers of Purulia: study on movement and body language from Dance theatre to Painting
  • Various Workshops exploring Visual Arts relationship to Body Language–Naya Theatre, with Habib Tanvir Dance Company
  • Padatik Troupe, Chetna Jalan Show, Nabonittya, Chetana Theatre Group
  • Art Workshop with various Indian artists–Lalit Kala Academy, Manipur
  • Film

  • Necklace (released 2011), Shekhar Das
  • [email protected] (Released 2010): Suman Mukhophadyay [1]
  • Chaturanga (Released: 2008)Suman Mukhophadyay
  • Herbert (released 2005): Suman Mukhophadyay [2]
  • Moholboner Sereng (released 2005):
  • Shomoy (released 1986): Goutom Chatterjee
  • Nagbotee (released 1981): Goutom Chatterjee
  • Letter to Mom (released 1988): Gutom Chaterjee
  • Protee Bimbo (released 1971): Shoron Dey
  • Theatre

  • Shunno Thekey (premiered 2011): Suman Mukhopadhyay
  • Shesher Kobita (premiered 2011): Suman Mukhopadhyay
  • Debi Shorpo-mastha (premiered 2011): Debesh Chattyapadhay
  • Tota Kahini (released 2011): Abhishek Basu
  • Chena Sukh Chena Dukhho (premiered 2011): Debesh Chattyapadhay
  • Bikeley Bhorey Shorshey Phool (Premiered 2011): Debesh Chattyapadhay
  • Dream Dream (Premiered 2010): Debesh Chattyapadhay
  • King Lear (Premiered 2010): Suman Mukhopadhyay
  • Maan Bhonjon (Premieredd 2010): Shohon Natya goshtee
  • Dhorai Chorith Manosh (premiered 2010): Abhishek Basu
  • Dibaratreer Kabyo (Premiered 2009): Arun Mukherjee
  • Nirnoy (Premiered 2008): Arun Mukherjee
  • Meyeti (premiered 2008): by Kishore Sengupta, Featuring Goutam Halder & Bindhya Ghosh, [3]
  • Kalanthok Lal Phithey (premiered 2005): Suman Mukhpadhyay
  • Phalguni (Premiered 2004): Suman Mukhapadhyay
  • Baborer Prarthona (premiered 2007): Kishore Sengupta
  • Hariey Jaey Manoosh (premiered 2005): Kishore Sengupta
  • Shomoy Ashomoyer Brittyanta (Premiered 2002): Suman Mukhapadhyay
  • Tista Barer Brittyanta (Premiered 2000): Suman Mukhapadhyay [4]
  • Anamni Angana (Premiered 1976): Neela Sen/Konica Sarkar
  • Shajahan (Premiered 1964): Jochchon Dastidar
  • References

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