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Country  Germany
Admin. region  Unterfranken
Municipal assoc.  Zellingen
Area  13.42 km²
Local time  Saturday 10:33 PM
State  Bavaria
District  Main-Spessart
Elevation  165 m (541 ft)
Population  1,736 (31 Dec 2008)
Postal code  97267
Weather  3°C, Wind NE at 8 km/h, 80% Humidity

Himmelstadt is a community in the Main-Spessart district in the Regierungsbezirk of Lower Franconia (Unterfranken) in Bavaria, Germany and a member of the Verwaltungsgemeinschaft (Administrative Community) of Zellingen.


Map of 97267 Himmelstadt, Germany

Because of the community’s “heavenly” name – Himmel means “heaven” or “sky” in German – the Weihnachtspostamt Himmelstadt (“Himmelstadt Christmas Post Office”) has existed since 1986, jointly run by Deutsche Post and the community.


Himmelstadt lies in the Würzburg Region.

The community has only one Gemarkung (traditional rural cadastral area), also called Himmelstadt.


The community was founded by a woman named Immina. After she died in 741, ownership passed to Bishop Burchard of Würzburg. In 840, the community had its first documentary mention as Immestat. The Himmelpforten (“Heaven’s Gates”) Convent was founded in Himmelstadt by Bishop Hermann I of Lobdeburg, but in 1253 it was moved to Himmelpforten near Würzburg. The convent, however, kept its economic holdings in Himmelstadt right up until Secularization in 1803. As part of the Prince-Bishopric of Würzburg was in Bavaria’s favour secularized in 1803, and then in the Peace of Pressburg in 1805 passed to Archduke Ferdinand of Tuscany to form the Grand Duchy of Würzburg, with which it passed in 1814 to Bavaria.

Population development

Within town limits, 1,425 inhabitants were counted in 1970, 1,558 in 1987 and in 2000 1,752.


The mayor is Harald Führer (CSU/Freie Bürgerliste). In 2002 he succeeded Günter Hofmann (Freie Wählergemeinschaft).

Municipal taxes in 1999 amounted to €2,520,000 (converted), of which net business taxes amounted to €457,000.

Coat of arms

The community’s arms might be described thus: Argent a fess wavy azure surmounting the main stem of a twig of three roses gules in pale, in base the letters H and P ligatured of the last.

The tinctures argent and gules (silver and red) recall Himmelstadt’s long history as a Würzburg holding. The ligatured HP is a monogram used by the Himmelpforten Cistercian Convent to mark its estate. It can still be found on old boundary stones. The rose twig comes from the convent’s seal and is a Marian motif referring thereto. The wavy blue fess stands for Himmelstadt’s location on both sides of the Main.

The arms have been borne since 1975. .

Economy and infrastructure

According to official statistics, there were 37 workers on the social welfare contribution rolls working in agriculture and forestry in 1998. In producing businesses this was 592, and in trade and transport 122. In other areas, 1,016 workers on the social welfare contribution rolls were employed, and 1,684 such workers worked from home. There was one processing business. Nine businesses were in construction, and furthermore, in 1999, there were 103 agricultural operations with a working area of 2 104 ha.


In 1999 the following institutions existed in Himmelstadt:

  • Kindergartens: 75 places with 78 children
  • Primary schools: 1 with 6 teachers and 96 pupils
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