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Hidetaka Tenjin

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Nationality  Japanese

Name  Hidetaka Tenjin
Hidetaka Tenjin Valkyries Tenjin Hidetaka Art Works of Macross by
Born  October 13, 1973 (age 42) (1973-10-13) Kobe City, Japan
Occupation  Anime artist Sci-fi artist Mecha anime illustrator
Known for  Macross, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Macross Zero, Macross Frontier, Space Battleship Yamato

Hidetaka tenjin on macross speakerpodcast macross world con 2014

Hidetaka Tenjin (天神 英貴, Tenjin Hidetaka, born 1973) is a Japanese mecha anime artist and sci-fi illustrator.


Hidetaka Tenjin concept ships MONTHLY HEADER 74 TENJIN HIDETAKA

The art of hidetaka tenjin

Personal life

Hidetaka Tenjin concept robots Concept robots by Tenjin Hidetaka

Hidetaka Tenjin was born in Nishinomiya, Kobe City, on October 13, 1973. After graduating from the Shibaura institute of Technology's Department of System Engineering, majoring in mechanical control systems, he became a freelance illustrator.

Mechanical and Sci-fi Illustrations

Hidetaka Tenjin Mecha Damashii Books Hidetaka Tenjin Works Announced

Later he established the Tenjin Studio Ltd. where he began working on plastic model box art, video game software and DVD cover art, illustrations, etc., the best known being in the Hasegawa Macross series, the Bandai MG Gundam series, Konami's Gradius V videogame, Space Battleship Yamato Fact File illustrations, etc. He has declared in many occasions that his realistic art style is influenced by the works of Yoshiyuki Takani, Noriyoshi Ohrai, Shigeru Komatsuzaki, Yuji Kaida and Tsuyoshi Nagano.


Tenjin Hidetaka has also worked as an animation artist in several sci-fi anime productions like Macross Zero, Sousei no Aquarion, Gundam Evolve, Macross Frontier and Macross Delta.


  • Macross Zero - Mechanical Artist
  • Macross Frontier - Mechanical Artist
  • Macross Frontier: The False Diva - Mechanical Artist
  • Macross Frontier: The Wings of Goodbye - Mechanical Artist
  • Macross Delta - Macross Visual Artist
  • Other anime

  • Hellsing Ultimate - Mechanical Artist, Special Effects
  • Genesis of Aquarion - Mechanical Artist, Special Effects
  • Aquarion Evol - Mechanical Artist
  • Noein - to your other self - Special Effects
  • BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution - Texture Artist, Special Effects
  • FREEDOM-PROJECT - Background Artist, Special Effects
  • Engage Planet Kiss Dum - Mechanical Artist, Special Effects
  • Glass Fleet - Texture Artist
  • Gundam Evolve - Mechanical Artist, Special Effects
  • Video games

  • Sonic Wings Assault - Videogame Box Art
  • Macross VF-X2 - Videogame Box Art
  • Macross Plus GAME EDITION
  • Gradius V - Videogame Box Art
  • Armodyne - Videogame Box Art
  • STARHAWK - Videogame Box Art Japan Release
  • Macross Ultimate Frontier - Videogame Box Art
  • Macross Ace Frontier - Videogame Box Art
  • Macross Triangle Frontier - Title Art
  • Macross 30: The Voice that Connects the Galaxy - Videogame Box Art
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories - Videogame Box Art
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation
  • Artbooks

  • Tenjin Hidetaka Art Works Of Macross: VALKYRIES - Mechanical Illustrator
  • Hidetaka Tenjin Works: the Art of Hidetaka Tenjin - Mechanical Illustrator
  • Tenjin Hidetaka Art Works Of Macross: VALKYRIES SECOND SORTIE - Mechanical Illustrator
  • Macross The Ride - Mechanical Illustrator
  • Yamato Mechanical Illustrations - Mechanical Illustrator
  • References

    Hidetaka Tenjin Wikipedia

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