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Helm (surname)

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Helm is a British or German origin surname. Notable people with this name include:

  • Anne Helm (born 1938), Canadian actress
  • Benjamin Hardin Helm (1831–1863), Kentucky politician, attorney, Confederate brigadier-general
  • Bob Helm (1914–2003), American jazz clarinetist
  • Boone Helm (1828–January 14, 1864), cannibal
  • Brett Helm (born 1962), American entrepreneur
  • Brigitte Helm (1908–1996), German actress
  • Charles Helm (1844–1915), South African Christian missionary involved in negotiations that led to the Rudd Concession of 1888
  • Christopher Helm (1937–2007), Scottish book publisher, notably of ornithology related titles, including the Helm Identification Guides
  • Clementine Helm (1825-1896), German author of books for children and young people
  • Darren Helm (born 1987), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Dieter Helm, British economist, Professor of Energy Policy at Oxford University
  • Everett Helm (1913–1999), American composer, musicologist and music critic
  • Georg Helm (1851–1923), German mathematician
  • George Helm (1950–1977), Native Hawaiian activist and musician
  • Israel Helm (1630-1701/2), Swedish colonist and soldier in New Sweden in North America
  • James Meredith Helm (1855–1927), American naval officer
  • John Helm (commentator) (born 1942), British television sports commentator
  • John L. Helm (1802–1867), governor of Kentucky
  • June Helm (1924–2004), American anthropologist
  • Karl Helm (1871–1960), German medievalist, Germanist and religious studies scholar
  • Sir Knox Helm (1893–1964), British diplomat
  • Leonard Helm (c.1720–1782), American soldier
  • Levon Helm (1940–2012), American rock drummer
  • MacKinley Helm (1896–1963), American writer and collector
  • Michael Helm, Canadian novelist
  • Nick Helm, British comedian
  • Paul Helm, British theologian
  • Peter Helm (born 1941), Canadian-American actor
  • Rüdiger Helm (born 1956), East German sprint canoer
  • Sarah Helm, British journalist
  • W. Stuart Helm (1908–1986), Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
  • Theodor Helm (1843–1920), musicologist
  • Tom Helm (rugby), Scottish rugby union and rugby league footballer of the 1900s and 1910s
  • Zach Helm (born 1975), American writer and film director
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