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Hana (film)

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Director  Hirokazu Koreeda
Initial DVD release  June 30, 2009 (USA)
Country  Japan
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Drama
Screenplay  Hirokazu Koreeda
Writer  Hirokazu Koreeda
Language  Japanese
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Release date  June 3, 2006
Cast  Jun'ichi Okada (Aoki Sōzaemon), Rie Miyazawa (Osae), Arata Furuta (Sadashiro), Jun Kunimura (Isekan), Katsuo Nakamura (Shigehachi), Tadanobu Asano (Jubei Kanazawa)
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Hana - the Tale of a Reluctant Samurai, known in Japan as Hana yori mo Naho (花よりもなほ), is a 2006 Japanese jidaigeki by director Hirokazu Koreeda. The film was released in the United States by Funimation who also gave it an English-language dub.

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The story takes place over one year during Japan's Genroku era, beginning at the start of 1702.

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A young and inexperienced samurai, Aoki Sozaemon, has come from Matsumoto to Edo. Living in a slum, he waits to locate and take revenge against his father's killer, to restore honor to his clan's name. However, his impoverished, revenge-driven life takes a negative toll on him, as does his discovery that his intended victim, another low-status samurai, has a wife and young children. Eventually, Soza must decide: to kill, or not kill?

Making up the backdrop of the film are the many other residents of the slum, including children, the landlord, a group putting on an amateur play, as well as a young widow, Osae, with whom Soza becomes romantically involved.

Unbeknownst to everyone, also living in the slum are a small group of samurai, members of The 47 Ronin, hiding and planning before their revenge attack on Kira Yoshinaka's mansion. This occurs one year later at the climax of the film.


  • Junichi Okada (Robert McCollum, English dub) - Sōzaemon "Sōza" Aoki
  • Rie Miyazawa (Carrie Savage, English dub) - Osae
  • Tadanobu Asano (Christopher Bevins, English dub) - Jubei Kanazawa
  • Arata Furuta (Mark Stoddard, English dub) - Sadashiro
  • Terajima Susumu (J. Michael Tatum, English dub) - Kichiemon Terasaka
  • Teruyuki Kagawa (Christopher Sabat, English dub) - Jirozaemon Hirano
  • Jun Kunimura (Kent Williams, English dub) - Isekan
  • Seiji Chihara (Christopher Bevins, English dub) - Tomekichi
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