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Hail Victory

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Released  1994
Producer  Skrewdriver
Release date  1994
Recorded  1993
Artist  Skrewdriver
Label  Rock-O-Rama
Hail Victory httpsimgdiscogscom5AmcHzNroNQCcpnNpk7e8WK2Z
Genres  Rock Against Communism, Nazi punk
Similar  Skrewdriver albums, Rock Against Communism albums

Skrewdriver diamonds in the dust hail victory

Hail Victory is the ninth and final album by white power rock band Skrewdriver. It was the final project Ian Stuart Donaldson was involved in before his death. The album had not been completed, and the police tried to confiscate the record before it was released by ISD Records.


The album title and title track are an English translation of the German phrase Sieg heil, commonly associated with National Socialism and the Nazi Party.

Screwdriver hail victory

Track listing

All of the songs were written by Ian Stuart Donaldson, except where noted.

  1. "Hail Victory"
  2. "Vampire"
  3. "White Noise"
  4. "House of Treason"
  5. "Mother Europe"
  6. "Old Albion"
  7. "European Battle Song"
  8. "We March to Glory"
  9. "Renegade"
  10. "Fools No More"
  11. "Time to Die"
  12. "Night Trains"


  • Ian Stuart Donaldson - Vocals
  • Stigger - Guitar
  • Mushy - Drums
  • Jon H - Bass
  • Songs

    1Diamonds in the Dust4:15
    3White Noise2:20


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