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Hack My Life

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Genre  How-to/DIY Comedy
Original language(s)  English
No. of episodes  30
Network  truTV
Number of episodes  30
6.6/10 IMDb

Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons  3
First episode date  6 January 2015
Number of seasons  3
Cast  Kevin Pereira
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Executive producer(s)  Todd Lichten Matt Sharp Dan Adler Brian Saracusa Ashley Singer
Presented by  Kevin Pereira, Brooke Van Poppelen
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Hack My Life is a weekly American how-to series that premiered on truTV on January 6, 2015, as part of the network's latest programming revamp.


The U.S. cable network has teamed up with micro-blogging site Tumblr to create this show, and has invited its viewers to share their life-hacks to be considered for airing. The first season wrapped up on March 24, 2015. The second season premiered on August 18, 2015. The third season premiered on March 29, 2016.

Hack my life popcorn tricks on the fly


Hosts Kevin Pereira (formerly of G4TV's Attack of the Show!) and Brooke Van Poppelen explore and demonstrate life hacks that can be time and money-saving. Examples included are using a bag of potato chips as a substitute for charcoal in a BBQ pit, or building your own portable air-conditioning unit using a Styrofoam cooler, ice cubes, and a battery-operated fan.

At the end of each first season episode, the hosts highlight which hacks are the best time saver, biggest money saver, least likely to succeed, and the hack of the week. For the second season episode endings, Kevin and Brooke test out solutions posted on their Tumblr page.

Recurring Segments

  • Hack or Wack? - Kevin and Brooke test hacks found on the internet and determine whether the shortcut is "hack" or "wack". In some episodes, the public is invited on set to give their own opinions.
  • Hack vs. Hack - The hosts test both hacks to determine which is more effective. Several individuals are invited to try them out.
  • Hack Quickie - The animated interstitial segments show quick effective hacks. Examples given: Using an empty tissue box as a plastic bag dispenser, or painting nail polish on multiple keys to color-code them.
  • Hack All-Star - An ordinary household item is featured each week with many more uses of them. The segment is replaced by Hack MVP for the show's ending segment starting in season 3.
  • Hack Your <subject> - Throughout season 1, Kevin and Brooke showcase a series of shortcuts to help viewers hack their party, housework, etc.
  • Now What? - Brooke gives different scenarios and asks "Now what?" in a "Six degrees of separation" kind of hacks.
  • Hack Line of Defense - Throughout season 1, a series of hacks are provided to defend a person from their "antagonist".
  • The Lazy Cook - Brooke showcases hack recipes that take little or no effort to make.
  • Let's Make A Thing - Kevin gives instructions on how to turn ordinary items into a useful hack.
  • Reen-Hackment - In this segment throughout season 1, it's a slacker vs. hacker showdown.
  • Hacksperiment - Kevin and Brooke test wacky experimental hacks.
  • Breaking Down the Hacks - Kevin narrates why the hacks are effective or otherwise.
  • Undercover Hack - Throughout season 1, Kevin and Brooke set up hidden cameras at a random establishment, and invites the public to try out the hacks without any instructions. Those that have completed the task get the items for free.
  • Hack Masters - Throughout season 2, Kevin interviews people that have been using hacks for years and invites them to demonstrate on set.
  • Hack Hero - Starting in season 2, a "Hack Hero" is featured each week. With every situation they encounter, they improvise a hack. For one episode where the subject is in jail, it's retitled as Hack Super Villain.
  • Hacks from History - Starting in season 2, a narrator gives information about how everyday inventions (examples: the ice cream cone, the wheel) were hacks in the past.
  • Tumblr's Hack Mail - Starting in season 2, Kevin and Brooke try out three fan-submitted hacks to a problem they ask on Tumblr. Their favorite gets a Hack Seal of Approval.
  • Broke Ass Bob's Guide to <subject> - Starting in season 3, it's a segment where Bob shows viewers financial-savvy tricks on a subject such as dating or owning a pet.
  • Gaming The System - Starting in season 3, Kevin and Brooke try various ways to get discounted or free items (meals, groceries, etc.) or to test the efficiency of a home security system.
  • Spot The Hack - Two alike products are put to the test at a place of business and customers are invited to determine which is the hack product. The former name for this segment was Can You Hack It?.
  • Hack My House - Starting in season 3, it's a home improvement-style kind of segment.
  • Hack Pop Quiz - Brooke asks people what everyday object can help in various situations, like trying to get a ring off or cutting rope without a knife.
  • Hacking The Norm - Brooke and Kevin test whether hacks are more effective than the normal method, like using dental floss instead of a knife to cut cake.
  • Hack Off Challenge - This segment is just like "Hack vs. Hack", except with 3 hacks.
  • Worldwide Hacks - Starting in season 3, Kevin & Brooke showcase outrageous hacks featured in viral videos and interviews the subjects about said hacks.
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