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Habeeb Salloum

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Name  Habeeb Salloum

Role  Writer
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Books  Classic Vegetarian Cooking f, Scheherazade's Feasts: Foods of t, From the Lands of Figs and, Arab Cooking on a Saskatc, Sweet Delights from a Th

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Habeeb Salloum is a prominent Arab-Canadian freelance writer. Habeeb centers his writings on Canada, travel and the culinary arts, Arab and world history, with a specific focus on cooking and tourism. Currently, he has authored and co-authored seven books. He is currently completing four cookbooks, two on medieval Arab cooking and the others on the edibles of western Canada. He is also completing along with his daughter, Muna, a study of Spanish words of Arabic origin. Habeeb has written innumerable articles on history, food, travel, homesteading in western Canada and Arab-Canadian history. He is considered Canada's foremost expert on Arab cuisine.


During his travels, he has experienced the cuisine of hundreds of different countries and has written numerous articles about each country's food fare. Along with his writings on food, he has focused many of his writings on each country's history and travel. Much of his writings focus on the cuisine, tourism and history of the Mediterranean countries, Spanish (Latin)-speaking worlds, Canada, and Arabs living in Canada, specifically Arab pioneering and homesteading in western Canada. He has also delved into the impact of Arab / Muslim Spain on the advancement of world history and contributions of the Arabic language on English and Spanish vocabularies.

Personal life

Habeeb was born to Jiryas Ya'qub Salloum (father) and Shams (née Saliba)(mother) in the Qaroun within Syria (Note that after his birth this section of Syria became part of modern day Lebanon). A few months later he and his mother and older brother immigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada to join his father who had emigrated six months earlier. Habeeb has three brothers and four sisters.

Habeeb was raised in Saskatchewan on his family's homesteaded farm. During World War II from 1943–1945, he served in the Royal Canadian Air Force. When he finished his time with the RCAF, Habeeb came back to Canada and started a new life in the city of Toronto. In 1950, in Toronto, he married Freda (née Abourezk (Bourzk). In Toronto, he worked for Revenue Canada, Customs and Excise, while at the same time pursuing his interests in literature, cooking and academics. Many years later, after retiring from Revenue Canada, he was able to become a full-time freelance writer and author. Once Habeeb began his new profession, he began his widespread travels around the world.

Habeeb has three children, Muna, Leila and Raji. He has four grandchildren, Laith, Mazin, Jinaan and Shaadi and four great-grandsons, Bilal,Tamer, Khadeen and Kiaan and a great-granddaughter, Layal.


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