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Initial DVD release  July 11, 2000
Language  English
4.1/10 IMDb

Director  Gerald Sindell
Genres  Comedy, Sex comedy
Country  USA
HOTS movie poster
Release date  July 20, 1979 (1979-07-20) (USA)
Writer  W. Terry Davis (original idea), W. Terry Davis (story), Cheri Caffaro (story), Joan Buchanan (story), Cheri Caffaro (screenplay), Joan Buchanan (screenplay)
Cast  Susan Kiger (Honey Shayne), Lisa London (OHara), Pamela Jean Bryant (Teri Lynn), Kimberly Cameron (Sam), Mary Steelsmith (Clutz), Angela Aames (Boom-Boom Bangs)
Similar movies  The Last American Virgin, All Ladies Do It, Cashback, Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot, Knock Knock, Jamon Jamon
Tagline  Some like it H.O.T.S.!

H.O.T.S. is a 1979 sex comedy. The film stars three Playboy Playmates — Susan Kiger (January 1977), Pamela Bryant (April, 1978) and Sandy Johnson (June, 1974) — as well as former Miss USA of 1972, Lindsay Bloom, sexploitation actress Angela Aames and B-movie veteran Lisa London. Danny Bonaduce appears in a supporting role.


The cast frequently appear in tight white T-shirts with the H.O.T.S. logo and red-orange shorts. Some reviewers believe this wardrobe inspired the Hooters uniforms.


Honey Shayne (Kiger) is a freshman at Fairenville University (known, according to a title card, as "Good old F.U."). After unsuccessfully pledging the Pi sorority, and being publicly ridiculed by sorority president Melody Ragmore (Bloom), Honey joins with three other unsuccessful pledges (O'Hara, Terri and Samantha) to form a new sorority (to be known as H.O.T.S. after their initials ) with the goal of stealing all of the rival sorority's boyfriends.

The movie includes a number of competitions intended to accomplish that goal, including a fundraiser (a kissing booth), a dance and a climactic game of strip football. Both groups play pranks on the others and attempt to avoid disciplinary actions from the F.U. administration. A subplot deals with the attempts of two bungling gangsters to recover money hidden in the renovated building housing the sorority.

A running gag during the movie is the source of the name "H.O.T.S." While the closing credits reveal that the name is an anagram of the first names of the four founders, other characters in the film believe it to stand for Hands Off Those Suckers and Hold On To Sex. At one point, the girls claim it stands for Help Out The Seals.


  • Susan Kiger as Honey Shayne
  • Lisa London as O'Hara
  • Pamela Jean Bryant as Teri Lynn
  • Kimberly Cameron as Sam
  • Mary Steelsmith as Clutz
  • Angela Aames as Boom-Boom Bangs
  • Marjorie Andrade as Conchita
  • Cece Bullard as Debbie
  • Karen Smith as Candi
  • Robyn Martin as Brandy
  • Lindsay Bloom as Melody Ragmore
  • K.C. Winkler as Cynthia
  • Sandy Johnson as Stephanie
  • Marilyn Rubin as Jackie
  • Supporting

  • Constance Carlton as Pi Girl
  • Marion Leeuw as Pi Girl
  • Nancy Plummer as Pi Girl
  • Cynthia Nigh as Pi Girl
  • Cendi Campbell as Pi Girl
  • Donald Petrie as Doug
  • Larry Gilman as Mad Dog
  • Dan Reed as Stormin' Normin'
  • Danny Bonaduce as Richie Walker
  • David Gibbs as Macho Man
  • Marvin Katzoff as Big Boy
  • Steve Bond as John
  • Talmadge Scott as Hunk (credited as Talmage Scott)
  • Ken Olfson as Dean Larry Chase
  • Richard Bakalyan as Charlie Ingels (credited as Dick Bakalyan)
  • Louis Guss as Bugs Benny
  • Dorothy Meyer as Ezzetta
  • Scott Ellsworth as Professor
  • Bunny Summers as Opera Singer
  • Harvey Parry as Officer O'Toole
  • Ted Grossman as Officer Goldstein
  • Gary Lee Davis as Patterson Man #1
  • Dar Robinson as Patterson Man #2
  • C.D. Smith as Patterson Man #3
  • Wayne King Sr. as Patterson Man #4 (credited as Wayne King)
  • Pat Moorehead as Pilot
  • Angel Pineira as Lady with Shopping Cart
  • Slinky as Himself
  • Sugar Bear as Honey Bear
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