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Hữu Lũng District

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Country  Vietnam
Capital  Hữu Lũng
Area  805 km²
Province  Lang Son Province
Region  Northeast
Time zone  UTC + 7 (UTC+7)
Local time  Saturday 11:57 PM
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Weather  22°C, Wind E at 10 km/h, 99% Humidity

Hữu Lũng is a rural district of Lạng Sơn Province in the Northeast region of Vietnam.


Map of H%E1%BB%AFu L%C5%A9ng District, L%E1%BA%A1ng S%C6%A1n, Vietnam

Administration subdivisions

  • Capital: Hữu Lũng Township
  • Communes:25 Communes, 1 township
    1. Commune of Hòa Thắng
    2. Commune of Minh Hòa
    3. Commune of Minh Sơn
    4. Commune of Sơn Hà
    5. Commune of Hồ Sơn
    6. Commune of Tân Thành
    7. Commune of Hòa Sơn
    8. Commune of Hòa Lạc
    9. Commune of Yên Sơn
    10. Commune of Cai Kinh
    11. Commune of Đồng Tân
    12. Commune of Nhật Tiến
    13. Commune of Minh Tiến
    14. Commune of Đô Lương
    15. Commune of Vân Nham
    16. Commune of Đồng Tiến
    17. Commune of Thanh Sơn
    18. Commune of Thiện Ky
    19. Commune of Tân Lập
    20. Commune of Quyết Thắng
    21. Commune of Yên Bình
    22. Commune of Hòa Bình
    23. Commune of Yên Vượng
    24. Commune of Yên Thịnh
    25. Commune of Hữu Liên
    26. Hữu Lũng Township

    As of 2003 the district had a population of 114,638 . The district covers an area of 805 km². The district capital lies at Hữu Lũng.


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