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Hôpital de La Grave

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Phone  +33 5 61 77 22 33
Hôpital de La Grave
Address  7 Place Lange, 31300 Toulouse, France
Hours  Open today · 9AM–12:30PM, 2–6PMSaturday9AM–12:30PM, 2–6PMSunday9AM–12:30PM, 2–6PMMonday9AM–12:30PM, 2–6PMTuesday9AM–12:30PM, 2–6PMWednesday9AM–12:30PM, 2–6PMThursday9AM–12:30PM, 2–6PMFriday9AM–12:30PM, 2–6PM
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The Hôpital de La Grave is a hospital situated in the Saint-Cyprien quartier of Toulouse in Southwest France on the bank left of the Garonne. Taking up six hectares (three times the size of the Hôtel-Dieu), La Grave was the second largest hospital establishment and primary maternal care center of Toulouse during much of the 20th century until the CHU of Rangueil was built. It is named for the sandy bank (French: grève) of the Garonne where it was built.



The original "Hôpital de La Grave" was first mentioned in an 1197 charter of Raymond IV. Today, nothing remains of the original hospital.

Plague years

  • During the periods in which the plagues ravaged Toulouse, the Hôpital de La Grave was used care for those afflicted with the disease, isolating them from the beggers, injured and disabled. The hospital ended up being enlarged to cope with the mounting epidemic and underwent a name change, taking the name Saint-Sébastien in order to invoke his help in 1508-1514.
  • In 1628 the Plague recurred in the city, worse than ever before. The elites, even many of the physicians began fleeing the town. The situation deteriorated to the point that capitoul surgeons came to assist with treating the patients. Eventually in July the next year every plague patient in the hospital died and it was disinfected.
  • Rebirth

    The hospital was transitioned into a place to confine and care for the city's poor beginning on 26 March 1647. The name was changed to Toulouse l’Hôpital Général Saint-Joseph de La Grave. A Papal Bull granted approval in 1658.


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