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Gwilym Emyr Owen III

Name  Gwilym Owen
Role  Singer

Albums  Ahab's Birthday, Gravy
Gwilym Emyr Owen III Top Tracks Gwilym Emyr Owen III YouTube
Nominations  Academy Award for Best Original Song
Similar People  Allison Moorer, Thomas Newman, Scarlett Johansson

Music director  The Horse Whisperer

Gwilym "Gwil" Emyr Owen III (born July 24, 1960 in Syracuse, New York) is an American singer/songwriter of Welsh heritage.


Gwil attended Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio but did not graduate. He moved to Nashville in 1983 and formed the band The Thieves, which recorded the album "Seduced by Money" for Bug/Capitol Records in 1988.

Since then, he has performed as a solo singer/songwriter, and his songs have been covered by Toni Price, Irma Thomas and Jack Ingram, among others.

His song “Deuce and a Quarter” (co-written with Kevin Gordon) was recorded by Keith Richards and Levon Helm for the album "All The Kings Men."

He was an Academy Award nominee in 1999 for "A Soft Place to Fall" (co-written with Allison Moorer) from the Robert Redford movie The Horse Whisperer.

Gwil is also the co-owner of Howlin' Books in Nashville and a noted visual collage artist.

Gwil Owen

  • 1999: Magnetic Heaven (EWE)
  • 2008: Gravy (Rambler Records)
  • 2010: Ahab's Birthday (Rambler Records)
  • 2016: Tiny Birds EP (Rambler Records)
  • The Thieves

  • 1988: Seduced by Money (Bug C1-91153)
  • As composer

  • 1993: Toni Price - Swim Away (Discovery) - track 1, "Daylight"; track 2, "Throw Me a Bone" (co-written with Eric Elliot); track 7, "Moonlight Blues"; track 8, "I Doubt If It Does to You"; track 10, "Hell on Love"; track 11, "Thinkin' 'Bout Lovin' You Again"; track 12, "Lucky"; track 13, "Swim Away"
  • 1995: Toni Price - Hey (Antone's) - track 2, "Something" (co-written with Eric Elliot); track 4, "Hey"; track 4 "Edge of the Night"; track 5, "Misty Moonlight"; track 6, "Too Close to You"; track 9, "Tumbleweed"; track 13, "Too Much Coffee"
  • 1996: Sonny Burgess - Sonny Burgess (Rounder) - track 9, "Fast Train" (co-written with Kevin Gordon)
  • 1997: Bob Woodruff - Desire Road (Curb) - track 9, "Perfect World" (co-written with Bob Woodruff)
  • 1997: Stacey Q - Boomerang (ENo Records) - track 4, "I Doubt If It Does To You"
  • 1997: Toni Price - Sol Power (Antone's) - track 3, "Cats and Dogs", track 4, "Like the Sun"; track 5, "Freeway"; track 6, "#1"; track 7, "Burnin' Down"; track 10, "What's It Take?"; track 13, "A West Texas Lullaby"
  • 1997: Scotty Moore - All the King's Men (Sweetfish) - track 1, "Deuce and a Quarter" (co-written with Kevin Gordon)
  • 1998: Allison Moorer - Alabama Song (MCA Nashville) - track 9, "A Soft Place To Fall" (co-written with Allison Moorer)
  • 1998: Kevin Gordon - Cadillac Jack's #1 Son (Shanachie) - track 2, "Fast Train" (co-written with Kevin Gordon and Van Morrison); track 5, "Blue Collar Dollar" (co-written with Kevin Gordon); track 6, "Dissatisfied" (co-written with Kevin Gordon); track 8, "Looking for the Killerman" (co-written with Kevin Gordon)
  • 1999: David Olney - Through a Glass Darkly (Philo) - track 9, "Ice Cold Water" (co-written with David Olney); track 12, "That's All I Need to Know" (co-written with David Olney)
  • 1999: Toni Price - Low Down And Up (Antone's) - track 5, "Anything"; track 7, "Loserville Blues"; track 8, "Feel Like Cryin'"; track 9, "Lonesome Wind"
  • 2000: Ann Rabson - Struttin' My Stuff (M.C. Records) - track 2, "The Blues Don't Care" (co-written with David Olney); track 12, "Late November Afternoon" (co-written with Ann Rabson and David Olney)
  • 2000: David Olney - Omar's Blues (Dead Reckoning) - track 3, "Delta Blue" (co-written with David Olney)
  • 2000: Kevin Gordon - Down to the Well (Shanachie) - track 2, "Burning the Church House Down" (co-written with David Olney)
  • 2000: Will Kimbrough - This (Waxysilver) - track 10, "Goodnight Moon" (co-written with Kevin Gordon); track 3, "Marina Takes Her Aim" (co-written with Kevin Gordon); track 6, "Deuce and a Quarter" (co-written with Kevin Gordon); track 9, "Great Southern" (co-written with Kevin Gordon); track 10, "Pueblo Dog" (co-written with Kevin Gordon)
  • 2001: Duane Jarvis - Certified Miracle (Slewfoot) - track 1, "Certified Miracle" (co-written with Duane Jarvis)
  • 2001: Steve Allen - In + Out of the Light (Babalink) - track 7, "Crazy World" (co-written with Steve Allen)
  • 2001: Toni Price - Midnight Pumpkin (Lone Star) - track 4, "Something in the Water"; track 8, "Something in the Water" (co-written with David Olney)
  • 2001: Yolanda Martinez - Lonely Warrior (Legends Alive) - track 10, "A Soft Place to Fall" (co-written with Allison Moorer)
  • 2002: Jack Ingram - Electric (Lucky Dog / Epic) - track 11, "Goodnight Moon" (co-written with Kevin Gordon)
  • 2002: Mijk Van Dijk - Everyground (Superstition) - track 4, "Like the Sun"
  • 2002: Pinmonkey - Speak No Evil (Drifter's Church) - track 3, "Augusta"
  • 2002: Toni Catlin - Heartache on the Run (Western Beat) - track 3, "Me and My Heartache on the Run" (co-written with Toni Catlin)
  • 2003: Allison Moorer - Show (Universal South) - track 4, "A Soft Place To Fall" (co-written with Allison Moorer)
  • 2003: David Olney - The Wheel (Loud House) - track 3, "Voices On The Water" (co-written with David Olney)
  • 2003: Toni Price - Born to Be Blue (Texas Music) - track 7, "Nothing But Heartache"; track 11, "Not Coming Home"; track 13, "One of These Lonely Days"
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