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Guy Bedos

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Occupation  humorist
Name  Guy Bedos
Role  Actor

Guy Bedos Vido La dclaration d39amour de Guy Bedos l39Algrie
Born  15 June 1934 (age 81) (1934-06-15) Algiers, French Algeria
Children  Nicolas Bedos, Victoria Bedos, Leslie Bedos, Philippe Bedos, Melanie Bedos
Parents  Hildeberte Verdier, Alfred Bedos
Similar People  Nicolas Bedos, Leslie Bedos, Victoria Bedos, Sophie Daumier, Joelle Bercot

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Guy Bedos (born 15 June 1934, in Algiers, French Algeria) is an actor (mostly known for his part in the film Nous irons tous au paradis) and a famous stand-up comedian. He identifies with the ethnic group Pied-Noir, descending from Spain. At Music-Hall, he interpreted various sketches of authors alike him. He developed a regularly updated political satire. This satire affected mostly right-wing politicians, his "friends" of the left also suffer from his cutting reflections.


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He is also famous for his left-wing political affiliation and he had supported politicians such as François Mitterrand.

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Guy Bedos méprise les racistes. Paris/France - 12 Décembre 2013


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Guy Bedos is the son of Alfred Bedos, health visitor, Hildeberte Verdier daughter of the headmaster of the high school Bugeaud, where he was raised. His parents separated. He is tossed around, home to hotel, in Kouba, where there is a pension at age seven in Finouche, who serves as a teacher, Souk Ahras and Constantine.He enrolled at the age of thirteen for a Catholic high school in Bone. According to his autobiography ‘Memories d’outre-mere’, his bad relationship with his mother and step-father made his life very difficult. His step-father beat his mother, who beat her son. He also tells us that his step-father was a racist and antisemitic, but that his mother gave him his human political consciousness. He also revealed that during that period of time he had obsessive compulsive disorders.

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His uncle, Jacques Bedos, worked at Radio Algiers before entering the ORTF in Paris, where he vacationed as an artist.

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He arrived in Paris in June 1949 with his parents and his two twin half-sisters, left the family home of Rueil-Malmaison in February 1950, and sold books, going door to door. At seventeen, he entered the Rue Blanche school, learned classical theater, and signed his first production: Marivaux Arlequin poli par l’amour. He played in theaters, but also cabarets, as La Fontaine des Quarte-Saisons. He was engaged by Francois Billetdoux, when Jacques Prevert, who found him writing, encouraged him to write sketches. He performed his first sketch, signed by Jacques Chazot, La Galerie 55.

In 1954, He made his first appearance in the cinema in Futures Vedettes by Marc Allegr.

In order for him to fulfill his military service during the Algerian war, he went on a hunger strike and succeeded in being reformed for mental illness.

Private Life

He has been married 3 times

  • With Karen Blanguernon, they have a daughter, Leslie, born in 1957
  • With Sophie Daumier, they have a daughter, Melanie, born in 1977, whose son, Phillipe, born in 1954, and died December 11, 2010
  • With Joelle Bercot, they had 2 children, Nicolas, born in 1980, and Victoria, born in 1984
  • On December 22, 2011, in an interview published in The Liberation, a French daily newspaper, he mentioned his missing family members, including Francoise Dorleac, ‘’I had a fiancee, Francoise Dorleac. Since her death, I cannot pass La Louvre without looking at it.’’. Because Francoise died in a car accident, he no longer drives.


    In 1965, he started the music hall Bobino co-starring with Barbara, and then began a career as a comedian forming, a duet with Sophie Daumier, who he married February 19th, 1965. After their divorce in 1977, he started his solo career, as an actor in film and television movies.

    He is known for his recurring role of Simon in the 1970s, as a doctor suffocated by his very possessive Jewish-foot-black mother, in An Elephant that Deceives Enormously and, We Will All Go to the Paradise of Yves Robert .

    Since then, he has directed and performed many shows, including one with Michel Boujenah and Smaïn entitled Coup de soleil at the Olympia, and one in duet with Muriel Robin in 1992.

    He has also performed in plays such as La Résistible Ascension by Bertolt Brecht.

    He contributed regularly to the satirical weekly, Siné Hebdo created by Siné, until it was not published . He had taken the defense of Siné when he had been accused of anti-Semitism by the director of Charlie Hebdo, Philippe Val.

    Engagements in Politics and the Public

    Sometimes at differences with his ideas, he feels “closer to Albert Camus rather than Enrico Macias.”

    Guy Bedos is a “man of the left” without supporting any particular political party. In 2012, he moved in Hénin-Beaumont to support the candidacy of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

    He is often indicated as one of the representatives of the left wing by essayists and personalities of the right, among whom notably are Éric Zemmour or Jean Roucas.

    In 2008, he showed his support for Yvan Colonna.

    In October 2013 during a show, he portrayed the old Minister of Employment Nadine Morano, setting off many comments in mass media. Brought on by the last action, he was discharged by the court of Nancy.

    He also continues to support the activists of the right association in accommodation. He is a member of the League of Human Rights.

    He is a member of the Honorary Committee of the Association for the right to die with dignity. He is regularly involved with the association, and in 2012 he co-wrote a call for candidates in the presidential elections to commit to introduce a Bill to legalize euthanasia.

    He is part of the committee in support of journalist Denis Robert at Florange on November 10, 2007.

    In the citizen primary in 2017, he supported Arnaud Montebourg, stating “I think Manuel Valls is left as I am far-right. There are a lot of things that I have disliked in his behavior when he was Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior.” Initially named the head of the committee in support of Montebourg, Bedos started to refuse by presiding over, then accepted it before giving it away again.

    He intervenes again, unexpectedly according to him, declaring it was “left but not Socialist” and reminded that he was against racism in all forms “but I’m not always okay with how our Muslim friends treat women. I say. I don’t care if someone doesn’t like it.”

    Guy Bedos has come to support Jean-Luc Mélenchon on March 18, 2017 to market for the Republic life of the rebellious France.

    Condemnation of the Prude Men

    Guy Bedos was condemned in 1995 by the advice of prude men of Tours to lay off an excessive amount of RMIs, who he engaged with for the maintenance of a rented castle.

    Selected filmography

  • Tonight or Never (1961)
  • Sweet and Sour (1963)
  • Nous irons tous au paradis (1977)
  • ...And If We All Lived Together (2011)
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