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Great Sumatran fault

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The Indonesian island of Sumatra is located in a highly seismic area of the world. In addition to the subduction zone and the associated Sunda Arc off the west coast of the island, Sumatra also has a large strike-slip fault, the Great Sumatran Fault, running the entire length of the island. This fault zone accommodates most of the strike-slip motion associated with the oblique convergence between the Indo-Australian and Eurasian plates. The fault ends in the north just below the city of Banda Aceh, which was devastated in the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. After the December 2004 earthquake, pressure on the Great Sumatran Fault has increased tremendously, especially in the north.

Great Sumatran fault Sumatran Plate Boundary Project 6 March 2007 63M Southern Sumatra
Great Sumatran fault Sumatran Fault Monitoring SuMo Campaign GPS project Earth
Great Sumatran fault The Great Sumatran fault zone SUMATRAN STRIKE SLIP FAULT Figure 3
Great Sumatran fault Sumatran Plate Boundary Project Tectonic Elements
Great Sumatran fault Hydrothermal minerals and microstructures in the Silangkitang
Great Sumatran fault Segmentation of the Sumatra Fault Zone and historical earthquakes
Great Sumatran fault Sumatra Judith Hubbard Asst Prof EOS NTU


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