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Goy Ogalde

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Goy Ogalde


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Birth name
Guillermo Andres Ogalde Gluzman

January 26, 1967 (age 57) Mendoza, Argentine (

Ska, punk, jazz, reggae, Latin, rock, alternative

Musician, record producer

Voice, guitar, bass, keyboard

Antena Pachamama, Perfectos idiotas, La Kulebra, Remedio de mi corazon, Soy Cuyano

Music group
Karamelo Santo (1993 – 2009)

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Goy Karamelo (born Guillermo Andres Ogalde Gluzman on January 26, 1966 in Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, Argentina) is an Argentinian folk singer of Jewish origin (Rumanian and German). He sings in Spanish, English, and occasionally in other languages. Goy began his musical career with Perfectos Idiotas, an Argentinian group that combined several musical styles and languages. With friends he founded the band Karamelo Santo in 1993. He became a solo artist after its breakup in 2009. In the year 2010 Goy Karamelo was change culture embassy of Mendoza.


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Early life

Goy Ogalde Goy Ogalde Wikipedia

Goy was born on January 26, 1967 in Mendoza, Argentina, to Romanian parents. His mother, Susana María Glúzman, is from Romania,and his father, Luis Enrique Ogalde, is from Basque country . They emigrated to Mendoza to avoid Onganía's dictatorship Shortly after Goy's birth, the Ogalde family moved to the outlying suburbs of Mendoza. As he grew up he was surrounded by many artists and intellectuals, most of whom were acquaintances of his uncle Pino Ogalde.

Early days and Perfectos Idiotas

Goy Ogalde Se viene el Tunuyn Rock con la presencia de Goy Karamelo La Posta

Heavily influenced by the Argentine rock scene, like Sumo, Fabulosos Cadillacs and Charly García, Goy and Marcelo Amuchástegui formed the ska band Perfectos Idiotas in the mid-1980s. The group released a demo entitled "Perfectos Idiotas" in 1987, which received plenty of nacional critical praise but otherwise gained them little attention.

Goy Ogalde Goy de Karamelo Santo Soy Cuyano Full Album Completo 2014 YouTube

In 1993, Goy and their friends Mario Yarque & Fabiana Droghei founded the multiculture band Karamelo Santo. Starting on a local label, the group released a reworked version of the Perfectos Idiotas single "El Baile Oficial", which quickly became a hit in Argentine. The Band soon moved to DBN, and their first album La Kulebra was released the following year. Though the group never gained much fame in the Argentine market, popularity throughout the rest of the world soon followed, reaching the Top #20 in Austria and Germany. The band achieved some fame in Europe with 2002's Cumbiapunkreggae Party Tour, where it played a series of shows in several cities. Goy Karamelo moved the band to Buenos Aires, but health problems Goy lefts the band in 2011

Goy Ogalde Goy Ogalde Karamelo Santo One Riddim Piraa 2016 PelaGatos TV

Karamelo Santo's sound is mostly characterized by energetic, lively rhythms, mixed music genres are present throughout their albums.

Solo days with Kangrejoz

Goy Ogalde LDD 5 de Julio

Goy and other band mates from Karamelo Santo formed a new group, Kangrejoz All Stars . The songs were collectively released as Remedio De Mi Corazón in 2011.

Goy Ogalde A t que te gusta tanto

Several Songs of Goy Karamelo got collaboration with important artist from Latin rock like Maldita Vecindad, Manu Chao, Fermin Muguruza, La Banda que Manda, Ska-P, Doctor Krápula, Desorden Publico, Drakos, Iries Revoultes, Les Babaciools, The Locos, Todos Tus Muertos, Los Fabulosos Cadillcs, Damas Gratis & Pablo Lezcano.

Other works

Goy Ogalde Goy Karamelo junto a la Abuela Chola Noticias de Campana La

In 2003 he approached several new bands and later produced their albums. His song "Que No Digan Nunca", written for the 2000 Argentine film Caño Dorado

With Karamelo Santo

  • La Kulebra (Bunker Records, 1995)
  • Perfectos Idiotas (DBN, 1997)
  • Los Guachos (DBN, 2001)
  • Directo en Roskilde (DBN, 2001)
  • Haciendo Bulla (BPR 2004)
  • La Chamarrita (BPR 2004)
  • La Gente Arriba (BPR, 2006)
  • Antena Pachamama (BPR, 2008)
  • El Baile Oficial (BPR, 2009)
  • Solo

  • Remedio De Mi Corazón (El Cangrejo, 2010)
  • La Peña Pop (El Cangrejo, 2010)
  • Soy Cuyano (El Cangrejo, 2014)
  • DVD

  • El Baile Oficial (live!) (2009)
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