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Gostilya Point

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Gostilya Point

Gostilya Point (Bulgarian: нос Гостиля, ‘Nos Gostilya’ \'nos go-'sti-lya) is the point on the southwest side of the entrance to Tlachene Cove on Loubet Coast, Antarctic Peninsula. The point was formed as a result of the retreat of Hopkins Glacier during the last two decades of the 20th century.


The feature is named after the settlement of Gostilya in Northern Bulgaria.


Gostilya Point is located at 66°35′55″S 65°46′09″W, which is 25.85 km east of Madell Point, 20.6 km south of Phantom Point and 2.55 km southwest of Kudelin Point. British mapping in 1976.


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