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Domain  Eukaryota
Order  Gonyaulacales
Rank  Genus
Phylum  Dinoflagellata
Suborder  Gonyaulacaceae
Higher classification  Gonyaulacaceae
Gonyaulax emgtGonyaulaxltemgt Red Tide Dinoflagellate

Similar  Dinoflagellate, Gymnodinium, Ceratium, Prorocentrales, Alexandrium

Gonyaulax is a genus of dinoflagellates with the type species Gonyaulax spinifera (Claparède et Lachmann) Diesing. Gonyaulax belongs to red dinoflagellates and commonly causes red tides.


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Gonyaulax spinifera

Gonyaulax Dinoflagellate 1000x

The plate formula in the genus Gonyaulax Diesing was redefined as Po, 3’, 2a, 6”, 6c, 4-8s, 5’”, 1p, 1””

Gonyaulax Gonyaulax

Gonyaulax spinifera has been related to production of yessotoxins (YTXs), a group of structurally related polyether toxins, which can accumulate in shellfish and can produce symptoms similar to those produced by paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) toxins.

Gonyaulax Gonyaulax spinifera Claparde amp Lachmann Diesing 1866 Nordic

All species are marine, except for one freshwater species Gonyaulax apiculata.

It previously included several species, which are now considered to belong to a separate genus, e.g.:

  • Gonyaulax tamarensis (now: Alexandrium tamarense)
  • Gonyaulax grindleyi (now: Protoceratium reticulatum)
  • Gonyaulax polyedra (now: Lingulodinium polyedrum)

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    Gonyaulax emgtGonyaulaxltemgt Red Tide Dinoflagellate


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