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Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress

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Category of  Golden Rooster Awards
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Winners & Nominees  BademaNorjmaa, Badema, Winner, Zhong LüRed Amnesia, Zhong Lü, Nominee, Tang WeiThe Golden Era, Tang Wei, Nominee, Zhao WeiDearest, Zhao Wei, Nominee, Xu FanWhen a Peking Family Meets Aupair, Xu Fan, Nominee, Song JiaFalling Flowers, Song Jia, Winner, Yang ZishanSo Young, Yang Zishan, Nominee, Liang JingSon of the Stars, Liang Jing, Nominee, Zhang JingchuMy Running Shadow, Zhang Jingchu, Nominee, Yan BingyanFeng Shui, Yan Bingyan, Nominee, Zhang ZiyiThe Grandmaster, Zhang Ziyi, Nominee, Naren HuaMy Mongolian Mother, Naren Hua, Winner, Qian PeiyiSui Sui Qingming, Qian Peiyi, Nominee, Yan BingyanClose to Me, Yan Bingyan, Nominee, Xu FanAftershock, Xu Fan, Nominee, Lü LipingCity Monkey, Lü Liping, Nominee, Qin HailuPiano in a Factory, Qin Hailu, Nominee, Zhou XunThe Equation of Love and Death - And the Spring Comes, Zhou Xun, Winner, Jiang WenliThe Equation of Love and Death - And the Spring Comes, Jiang Wenli, Winner, Xingtong YaoBlossom, Xingtong Yao, Nominee, Zhao WeiPainted Skin, Zhao Wei, Nominee, Zhang ZiyiForever Enthralled, Zhang Ziyi, Nominee, Carina LauCuriosity Kills the Cat - Teeth of Love, Carina Lau, Winner, Yan BingyanCuriosity Kills the Cat - Teeth of Love, Yan Bingyan, Winner, Li BingbingThe Knot, Li Bingbing, Nominee, Rene LiuKidnap, Rene Liu, Nominee, Zhu YuanyuanThe Forest Ranger, Zhu Yuanyuan, Nominee

The Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress (中国电影金鸡奖最佳女主角) is the main category of Competition of Golden Rooster Awards, awarding actresses with outstanding performances in leading roles in cinema of China.


  • 3 wins: Pan Hong (including 1 tied win)
  • 2 wins: Gong Li, Song Chunli
  • 5 nominations: Xu Fan (0 win)
  • 4 nominations: Zhang Ziyi (1 tied win)
  • 3 nominations: Pan Hong, Naren Hua (1 win), Yan Bingyan (1 tied win)
  • Oldest winner: Jin Yaqin (80)
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