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Glass House: The Good Mother

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Director  Steve Antin
Initial DVD release  October 3, 2006
Country  United States
5.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime, Drama, Mystery
Language  English
Glass House: The Good Mother movie poster
Release date  October 3, 2006 (2006-10-03)
Writer  Brett Merryman, Wesley Strick (characters)
Film series  The Glass House Film Series
Cast  Angie Harmon (Eve Goode), Joel Gretsch (Raymond Goode), Jordan Hinson (Abby Snow), Bobby Coleman (Ethan Snow), Jason London (Ben Koch), Tasha Smith (Caseworker)
Similar movies  Glass House: The Good Mother and The Glass House are part of the same movie series

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Glass House: The Good Mother is a 2006 direct-to-video film starring Angie Harmon, Jordan Hinson, Joel Gretsch and Bobby Coleman. Although it shares no characters with the 2001 film The Glass House, it was marketed as a thematic sequel.


Glass House: The Good Mother movie scenes


Glass House: The Good Mother movie scenes

The film tells the story of Abby (Jordan Hinson) and Ethan Snow (Bobby Coleman), who lose their parents in a tragic accident and are adopted by Eve (Angie Harmon) and Raymond Goode (Joel Gretsch), two seemingly-ideal parents who have recently lost a child of their own, David.

At first things seem good, but the first oddity manifests when Ethan gets his own room with a bathroom close to the master bedroom but Abby is given a bedroom far away, up in the tower of the house. From here, Abby notices a lot of strange things; there's a bed in the basement with David's name into it and many places they can't go into, like David's old bedroom. They are not allowed to make phone calls either. Eve and Abby get into a fight at the dinner table, and Eve slaps Abby. Later on, Eve asks Abby to wash dishes. As Abby is washing them, she cuts her arm on broken glass that Eve purposely left in the sink for her. Abby did not see the glasses, since the sink was filled to the top with water, and covered in soap. Abby demands to be taken to the hospital, but Eve refuses and brings out a box of medical supplies. Raymond reveals that Eve was a nurse, and Eve makes the process as painful as she possibly can- including a shot, and stitches without any anesthetic or numbing medications. Later, Abby is seen sleeping, and Eve injects her with an unknown substance. Abby awakes, too late to do anything, except ask what the liquid is, Eve responds with "This is for pain," Abby replies, that she's not in pain, but Eve states "You will be." Abby falls asleep, quickly, suggesting that it was a sedative of some sort. Later on, Abby wakes up, and Eve tells her that she's been in bed for three days.

Ethan soon becomes almost deathly ill, and Abby soon discovers that Eve is poisoning him, and that this has occurred to all the previous foster children who died in her care. Abby makes an attempt to escape, but Eve catches her and locks her in the attic. Their parents' friend, Ben Koch (Jason London), comes over to the house to take the kids to Six Flags, but Raymond tells him that Eve took them to an art gallery. After a walk through the house Ben finds it very odd. Abby escapes through a window, then Eve comes after her. During this time the phone rings and Eve and Abby both race to answer it. Eve gets to it first, but the person on the other line hangs up. It is revealed that it was Ben, seeing if they really were gone.

After Abby tries to get away in the car again, she is stopped by Raymond, who Abby knocks out with a wrench. Ben arrives and enters the house, but is ambushed by Eve and drugged. Eve continues to chase Abby before luring her out of hiding via feigning talking to Ethan and catching her. She holds Abby over the railing, but Abby fights back and kicks Eve down the stairs. Eve takes a blow to the head at the bottom, appearing to be dead. Abby races to find Ethan, who she finds in a bathtub almost drowned to death. Abby pulls him out and Eve is standing behind her with a cleaver. She knocks Abby to the ground as Ben enters, and raises the cleaver. A shot is fired and Eve is killed, but it was not Ben who fired. It is revealed that Raymond fired the gun that killed his wife, having snapped out of his blind obedience caused by love. Raymond is arrested, and Abby and Ethan are taken to the hospital. The two presumably end up with Ben.


  • Angie Harmon as Eve Goode
  • Joel Gretsch as Raymond Goode
  • Jordan Hinson as Abby Snow
  • Bobby Coleman as Ethan Snow
  • Jason London as Ben Koch
  • Tasha Smith as Caseworker
  • Tim Cooney as Policeman
  • Adam Tomei as Security Technician
  • Robert Merrill as Paramedic
  • Cyia Batten as Diane
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