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Ghulam E Mustafa

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Action, Crime, Drama


The movie poster of Ghulam-E-Musthafa featuring Nana Patekaras Ghulam-E-Musthafa and Raveena Tandon as Kavita

Release date
31 October 1997 (1997-10-31)

Imtiaz Hussain (dialogue), Imtiaz Hussain (screenplay), Mangesh Kulkarni (dialogue), Mangesh Kulkarni (screenplay), Prasanna (screenplay), Prasanna (story)

Dum Dum Danke Pe Chot Padi

(Ghulam -E- Musthafa), (Kavita), (Shanta Prasad 'Abba'), (Bhagyalaxmi Dixit),
Mohan Joshi
(Mahesh Verma (Club Owner)),
Mohnish Behl
(Bipin Verma (as Mohnish Behal))

Ghulam-E-Mustafa is a 1997 Bollywood action crime-drama film directed by Partho Ghosh, Starring Nana Patekar and Raveena Tandon in the lead role, it was produced by P.G. Shrikanth and Dinesh Gandhi under the S.G.S. Cinearts International and Eros International banners. Set in the early 1996s, Ghulam-e-Mustafa is an action, crime and sad-love story centering on the turbulent and tragic relationship between Gangster Mustafa and Dancer Kavita, a relationship which come to an end with the death of Kavita due to his field. The film was a remake of Tamil film Musthaffaa (1996). This film also remade in Bangladesh as Abbajan (Father) starring Manna (actor), Sathi (Miss Bangladesh), Wasimul Bari Rajib in lead role directed by renowned creative director Kazi Hayat


The movie poster of Ghulam-E-Musthafa with Nana Patekar as Ghulam-E-Musthafa


Nana Patekar as Ghulam-E-Musthafa and Raveena Tandon as Kavita in the movie Ghulam-E-Musthafa

The film revolves around a gangster named Mustafa (Patekar) who is a contract killer and can go any limit to please his superiors and offers 5 times Namaz. He was adopted by a powerful don Shanta Prasad (Rawal) when he was a child. He calls Shanta as Abba (an Urdu term for father). Abba taught him the crime tactics and made Mustafa his weapon for his illicit crimes. Mustafa's only aide is Sudama, his childhood best friend. Abba shares enmity with the Verma brothers Mahesh, Rohan and Bipin (Pradhan, Joshi and Bahl) which the trio wants to kill Abba. Meanwhile, a dancer Kavita (Tandon) who works in Verma's dance club. Mustafa falls for her which heats up enmity of Vermas and Mustafa. Kavita meets Mustafa and he tells his life's history to which Kavita develops a soft core for Mustafa. He marries her and love blossoms. But this happiness does not last long as Kavita gets killed in a car blast (a plan hatched by Vermas to kill Abba instead). Her death made Mustafa realise his mistakes and wants to end up giving up crime. He kills Mahesh's son by planting a bomb on his forehead. He goes to Dixit's house where he is disliked by them but his heart warming nature wins the Dixit's family's heart. Abba is happy that Mustafa is recovering from his trauma and helps Vikram (Joshi) for his education and job, bails out Dayanand Dixit (Satam) by false crimes and helps Vidya to marry Arun (Behl). Meanwhile, Bipin's lustful eyes falls on Vidya. During elections Mustafa involves in a brawl where he kills Mahesh and his brother in a bomb blast and helps the politician Imtiaz to win. Mustafa now wants to surrender himself to police and refuses to work for Imtiaz and Abba anymore. Imtiaz orders Abba to kill Mustafa in fear that in future he will confess the crimes of Imtiaz and Abba. In the wedding night, Bipin enters the house and tries to rape Vidya but Mustafa slits him brutally with a mirror piece. Police arrives and Mustafa is about to surrender but before he wants to marriage ceremony to be complete. Abba arrives and offers Mustafa to continue his work again but he refuses. Mustafa offers Namaz for thanking Allah. Helpless, Abba has no other option but to obey the orders of Imtiaz and finally orders his men to shoot Mustafa and kills him. A hearbroken yet angered Sudama then kills Abba.


The scene of Nana Patekar and Raveena Tandon in the movie Ghulam-E-Musthafa

  • Nana Patekar as Ghulam -E- Musthafa
  • Raveena Tandon as Kavita
  • Paresh Rawal as Shanta Prasad/Abba
  • Aruna Irani as Bhagya Laxmi (Mrs. Dixit)
  • Shivaji Satam as Dayanand Dixit
  • Swapnil Joshi as Vikram Dixit
  • Radhika as Vidya Dixit
  • Mohnish Bahl as Bipin Verma
  • Tiku Talsania as Qawwali singer
  • Satish Shah as Qawwali singer
  • Mohan Joshi as Mahesh (Club Owner)
  • Sulabha Deshpande as Kavita's Mother (uncredited)
  • Vishwajeet Pradhan as Rohan (Mahesh's Brother)
  • Imtiyaz Husain as Minister Imtiyaz
  • Ashwin Kaushal as Ashwini Kaushal (Mahesh's Son)
  • Ravi Behl as Arun
  • Dev Malhotra
  • Asha Sharma as Arun's mother
  • Brijesh Tiwari
  • Jayant Sawarkar
  • Muzafar shah
  • Development

    The poster of Ghulam-E-Musthafa featuring Nana Patekar as Ghulam-E-Musthafa

    In early 1996 P.G Srikanth and Dinesh decided to make the film, on the script which is given by Tamil writer Prasanna Kumar. Before that Subhash Ghai was approached to direct the film, but later on due to unknown reasons Partho signed for directing the film, under banners of Dinesh Gandhi's, S.G.S. Cinearts international studio and with the collaboration of marketing partner Eros International production house.


    Nana Patekar as Ghulam-E-Musthafa and Raveena Tandon as Kavita in the movie Ghulam-E-Musthafa

    As the things were clear both producers hunt for the character of Ghulam-e-Mustafa, many options were on the list, but both of them decided to take the role of Mustafa to Nana Patekar without any screen test, first Juhi Chawla was approached for the role of Kavita, but Juhi walked out due to her already lined up filming schedules, later on Raveena gave the screen test for Kavita and got the role.


    Scene of Nana Patekar as Ghulam-E-Musthafa with a good man in the movie Ghulam-E-Musthafa

    Principal photography for the film began in January 1997 with film's lead cast. The film was shot in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, at studios Film City, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Kamalistan Studios, Andheri, Mumbai, Najabhai Jewellers, Mumbai, Polachi, Kerala, Vauhini Studios, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Vijaya Studios, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Although due to bombing and explosive shooting scenes film was shot in abandon area, of Tamil Nadu. Film was only shot in India south side due to the South Indian cast and crew of the film. It was also dubbed in Tamil and Telugu for South Indian People.


    The music of the movie was released under the Label Time Audio. Rajesh Roshan composed the music for the film and Background Score was given by Amar Haldipur, with lyrics penned by Anand Bakshi.


    Ghulam-e-Mustafa was a commercial success and received mixed to positive reviews, Bollywood Hungama rate the film with 6 points out 10, while on Rotten Tomatoes film aggregate is 55% and on IMDb film earns 6.4 rating based on 201 critics.


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