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Ghimire is one of the Caste of the Brahmin belonging to Kashyap Gotra and Brahmins Varna in the Hindu Varna System. They live in Hill parts of Nepal from 2000 years ago. Their ancient lived in Ghamir, Dhurkot, Now called Ghamir, Gulmi, Nepal who were moved from Ujjain, an ancient city situated on the eastern bank of the Kshipra River in the Malwa region of central India. The city is today part of the state of Madhya Pradesh, and it is the administrative centre of Ujjain District and Ujjain Division..



Ghimire is Surname who, lived in Ghamir, Started from sons of Gudpal Bias.Their Surname Changed according to the places they lived.Kashyapa Rishi is their earliest ancestor and their sons are called as Kashyapai lived in Kaskikot, now in Kaski, Nepal. When Kashyapai moved to Ujjainin the Malwa Region, now in Madhya Pradesh India, they are called as Bias (or Vyas). Sandipani Bias was notebale Rishi, who is the Guru of Lord Krishna and Balarama and still Bias is surname in India. When Gudpal Bias moved toward Nepal, and lived in Dhamir, Dhurkot, their sons are called as Ghamire and simultaneously into Ghimire.


Ghimire are the Children of Kashyapa Rishi. Kashyapa, who spent his life in Kaskikot, now in Kaski, Nepal and their children moved on to Ujjainin the Malwa region of central India from Nepal. Ghimire are those, who again moved to Nepal near date when Vikram Samvat was established by Vikramaditya.Gudpal Bias was the Royal Purohit, Known as Royal Priest, of Vikramaditya. So, this cause Ghimire to believe that they have been here for more than 2000 year. Their Ancient decent named as Gudpal Bias settled in Dhamir from Ujjain.Gudpal Bias entered Western Nepal through Route of Kumaon , Garhwal and Jumla from Ujjain.

Earliest Known Ancestors

Gudpal Bias is First known Ancestors Of Ghimire Settled in Dhamir from Ujjain. He belong to Family of Sandipani Bias. He is the Royal Purohit, Known as Royal Priest, of Vikramaditya, who establish Vikram Samvat , now Official Calendar of Nepal.

Controversy Theory

1.Gudpal Bias Entered Nepal in 14th century during the Mughal Empire in Ujjain when Mughal Emperors forced to change his Hindu Religion. 2.Gudpal Bias 's wife died at named Shiva Kanya


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