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Ghar Ho To Aisa

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Bollywood, World cinema


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Meenakshi Sheshadri
(Seema), (Bajrangi)

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Anil Kapoor and Meenakshi Seshadri appear in Ghar Ho To Aisa and Awaargi

Ghar Ho To Aisa is a 1990 Indian Bollywood film directed by Kalpataru and produced by Firoz Nadiadwala. It stars Anil Kapoor and Meenakshi Seshadri in pivotal roles. The movie has since formed a cult in the Indian cinema industry. The film was remade in Telugu as Attintlo Adde Mogudu.


Ghar Ho To Aisa movie scenes

January february mohammed aziz asha bhosle ghar ho to aisa 1990 songs anil kapoor meenakshi



  • Anil Kapoor...Amar R. Kumar
  • Meenakshi Seshadri...Seema
  • Raj Kiran...Vijay R. Kumar
  • Deepti Naval...Sharda V. Kumar
  • Bindu...Durga R. Kumar
  • Kader Khan...Bajrangi
  • Saeed Jaffrey...Ramprasad Kumar
  • Om Prakash...Karamchand
  • Sulbha Deshpande
  • It denotes how a daughter in law is iltreated in a family


    The Kumar family consists of Ramprasad (Saeed Jaffrey), his wife Durga (Bindu).Their married son Vijay (Raj Kiran), his wife Sharda (Deepti Naval). Vijay and Sharda's daughter Pinky. Durga and Ramprasad's daughter Kanchan who lives with them with her husband Bajrangi. An unmarried and unemployed son Amar (Anil Kapoor).

    The movie opens with the dysfunctional Kumar family, where most of its members are highly greedy, lazy, selfish and abusive. Durga is a short tempered, aggressive woman who physically and verbally abuses her daughter in law, Sharada, for every minor reason and belittles her for her poverty. Her elder son, Vijay follows her footsteps and is insensitive and abusive towards his wife and daughter. Durga's lazy daughter, Kanchan, is just like her mother and falsely accuses Sharada for being lazy, which results in the latter getting beaten up. Kanchan is also highly domineering over her husband, Bajrangi, who does the housework. Ramprasad is a henpecked man. Sharada is a meek woman and respects her family, but nobody appreciates her work. Bajrangi is a simple and innocent man from a rural area and is not so intelligent, though he has sympathy for Sharada.

    The only member in the family who is truly good at heart and who actually cares for Sharada is Amar, Vijay's younger brother. Amar is an unemployed youth who is honest, kind and helpful, going as far as to beat up pickpockets to help an old woman. During his quest for a job, he runs into Seema, the only daughter of a rich businessman who hates men and their domineering ways. Seema runs an NGO for the welfare of women, though Amar criticizes her for her biased hatred towards men.

    Seema's father, Karamchand forces her to get married or else he would commit suicide. Seema tries to involve Amar in a false contract marriage and entices him with money. Amar is outraged and flatly refuses her offer.

    Karamchand secretly overhears the entire exchange. Though disappointed with Seema, he is impressed with Amar's honest conduct and appoints him as the manager of his cycle factory. He also asks Amar to convince his daughter that not all men are domineering. Amar begins his successful career as a factory manager, earning Karamchand's trust and Seema's irritation.

    Meanwhile, Durga asks Amar to enter in an engagement with and eventually marry Sona, the only daughter of an industrialist, as he offers a dowry of Rs 10. Lakhs. Amar belittles his mother's greed and dismisses her idea. Durga demands Rs 10,000 from Sharada. Sharada pleads her hard, but Durga is relentless and has her thrown out of the house. Sharada's mother, living in poverty finds out about her daughter's situation and succumbs to pressure. Sharada protests to Durga, but Durga kicks her and Pinki out of the house.

    Few days later, Amar is devastate when he finds out that Sharada and Pinki died in a roadside accident. Nevertheless, the family is apathetic towards these deaths and nonchalantly ask Vijay to enter in an engagement with Sona. Vijay complies, much to Amar's disgust.

    One day, Seema asks Amar to come to her house, so that she can explain her hatred for men. She shows Amar a mother and daughter and tells him how they were kicked out of the house by their greedy family. They are revealed to be Sharada and Pinki and Amar is overjoyed upon seeing them.

    Sharada tells Amar that two mentally challenged women wearing their clothes had actually died in the accident. Seema was Sharada's childhood friend and had rescued her and her daughter. Amar is enraged and vows revenge against his toxic family. Karamchand suggests Amar and Seema to pretend as a married couple and exact revenge on the Kumars, to which, both agree.

    Amar and Seema enter the Kumar household as a married couple. Durga tries to slap Seema, but the latter grabs her hand and overpowers her, causing everyone to fear her. Seema gradually brings order to the house by forcing and blackmailing Kanchan, Durga and Ramprasad to perform all household tasks. Amar appoints Bajrangi in his office and gives him a good salary. Durga tries to put Seema's hand in boiling water, but it backfires on her. Kanchan gives up her ego and learns to respect Bajrangi and they live happily.

    Meanwhile, Vijay is disgusted with Sona's gallivanting with so many men and her arrogance. She makes him remove her shoes, reminding Vijay of the way he treated Sharada and feels humiliated. Sona compares his loyalty to that of a dog, which causes Vijay to break the engagement. Vijay is deeply remorseful for being abusive towards his wife and daughter. He is overjoyed when he discovers Sharada and Pinki and begs Sharada for forgiveness. Learning the whole story from Sharada, Vijay returns home and declares that he is leaving his parents forever and live with his wife and daughter. He thanks Amar for opening his eyes.

    Bajrangi decides to leave home, to start a new life and his wife and son follow him as well. Durga begs Amar to stay, but Amar also tells his intent to leave. He further harshly criticises his mother of her toxic behaviour and how much harm she had caused for the family.

    Filled with guilt, Durga decides to immolate herself, but her sons prevent her from doing so. Durga weeps and begs Sharada for forgiveness and asks her children to not to desert her. Karamchand arrives and reveals the Kumars about Amar's ploy.

    Karamchand asks Seema to leave. Seema, who has fallen in love with Amar, becomes angry with his lack of action and drags him to his room, locking it. Seema angrily asks Amar why he was not stopping her from going with her father. She further starts hurling things at Amar and bursts into tears. Amar tells Seema about his love and reconciles with her.


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