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Getsumento Heiki Mina

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5.2/10 IMDb

Music by  Kousuke Yamashita
Original network  Fuji TV
First episode date  13 January 2007
Language  Japanese
6.4/10 MyAnimeList

Directed by  Keiichiro Kawaguchi
Studio  Gonzo
Episodes  11+2
Director  Keiichiro Kawaguchi
Getsumento Heiki Mina Getsumen No Heiki Mina Wallpaper Getsumento Heiki Mina Photo Shared
Original run  January 13, 2007 – March 24, 2007
Genres  Fantasy, Science Fiction, Comedy, Magical girl
Cast  Marina Inoue, Kana Hanazawa, Shizuka Ito, Mamiko Noto, Eri Nakao
Similar  Densha Otoko, Train Heroes, Glass Fleet, Gate Keepers 21, Kiddy Grade

Getsumento heiki mina op

Getsumento Heiki Mina (月面兎兵器ミーナ, Getsumento Heiki Mīna, lit. Lunar Rabbit Weapon Mina) was a fictitious anime which appeared in the television miniseries Densha Otoko. In the same manner as Kujibiki Unbalance, an anime that began as a fictitious anime/manga within the anime/manga Genshiken, it has been adapted into a television series, which itself was later adapted into a manga series. The 11-episode series has been adapted by the animation studio Gonzo. It premiered on January 13, 2007 on Japan's Fuji TV.


Getsumento Heiki Mina httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen886Get

Anime News Network has reported that the official pronunciation of the series' title is Getsumento Heiki Mina, not Getsumen Usagi Heiki Mina. In the Densha Otoko drama, it was named just Getsumen Heiki Mina. The Densha Otoko version of Getsumen Heiki Mina ran for 26 episodes, and the story is completely different from the real-world anime.

Getsumento Heiki Mina Getsumento Heiki Mina Celebrity Photo Shared By Moina445 Fans


After establishing contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, it was found that humans were the only race to develop various sports. The number of alien sports fans grew dramatically, and the most fanatic of them regularly harass stadiums for taking part in a game, or demanding a good show, etc. Finally a treaty was settled, ruling all interferences towards other planets' cultures illegal. Rabbit Force, a group of rabbit-themed henshin (transforming) girls, became responsible for enforcing the treaty and capturing any offenders.


  • Mina Tsukuda (佃 美奈, Tsukuda Mina)
  • Voiced by: Marina Inoue Getsumento Heiki Mina 02 Mina theme Otsuki Getsumen To Heiki Mina OST YouTube

    Mina is the current announcer for "SpoLuna". Unlike many typical shōjo protagonists, Mina is a very intelligent and hardworking girl who often chooses her responsibilities over self-indulgence.

  • Suiren Kōshū (甲州 翠怜, Kōshū Suiren)
  • Voiced by: Shizuka Itō Getsumento Heiki Mina Yujin Getsumen To Heiki Mina Yayoi Miina My Anime Shelf

    One of Mina's fellow announcers. She is a very mature and well-experienced women who is often admired for her cool demeanor. It is shown that Suirin inspired Mina's determination and her dream to become an announcer. When Suirin transforms into her alter ego; Ootsuki Miina, her calm and mature personality switches entirely. Rather, she gets too indulged in her battles and causes damage to property in the process.

  • Daisuke Kiryū (桐生 大介, Kiryū Daisuke)
  • Voiced by: Hiroki Touchi

    Mina's other fellow announcer. Mina has a crush on him. He and Suirin have a sibling-like friendship, as well.

  • Katō D (加藤D)
  • Voiced by: Mitsuo Iwata

    The director of SpoLuna. He gets angry with Mina when she leaves work (to become Tsukishiro Miina),arrives late, or other mistakes.

  • AD Suzuki (AD鈴木)
  • Voiced by: Masato Amada

    An employee at SpoLuna, his position is never discussed in the series. He's often at Kato's side, assisting him and often calming him down after Mina upsets him.

  • Escartin Mutsumune (六棟 エスカルティン, Mutsumune Esukarutin)
  • Voiced by: Eri Nakao

    A pink-haired girl with a long bang that moves about on her head. As a running gag, the bang often expresses her emotion through its movements. Escartin despises Mina, and is always trying to sabotage her, as she is jealous of her being an announcer. Because of Miina's naive optimism, she never notices Escartin's schemes. Escartin sleeps in a secret room in the prop room. In the last episode, she becomes an announcer.

  • Nakoru Hazemi (羽蝉 ナコル, Hazemi Nakoru)
  • Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa

    The "sister" of Kanchi (in one episode, she hints that she and Kanchi are cousins who live together). She is a cheerleader and cares very much for Kanchi but also is easily annoyed by him. She looks up to Mina, and addresses her as senpai. Her alter ego is Minazuki Miina. At first, she disliked Tsukishiro Miina; because of all the attention she inadvertently drew from Kanchi. But when she goes with Tsukishiro Miina to save him from aliens, she realizes Tsukishiro cares for Kanchi.

  • Kanchi Hazemi (羽蝉 寛治, Hazemi Kanji)
  • Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga

    The "brother" of Nakoru. He is on the baseball team. He is an Otaku of Tsukishiro Miina and also has an infatuation for her.

  • Jun'ichiro Yoshimi (吉見 純一郎, Yoshimi Jun'ichiro)
  • Voiced by: Jun Oosuka

    Kanchi's hyperactive friend, he is also deeply infatuated with Tsukishiro Miina. He even created a fansite about her. But in one episode, he is shown to have created fansites about each individual Miina.

  • Tomo Mochimura (餅村 トモ, Mochimura Tomo)
  • Voiced by: Ai Tokunaga

    Mina's childhood friend.

  • Yuu Takanashi (小鳥遊 由宇, Takanashi Yuu)
  • Voiced by: Kazuko Kojima

    A second grade-child actress. Her alter ego is Tamamushi Miina. She lives alone with her aunt because her parents are overseas due to work. When she first meets Mina, she tricks her by pretending to be a bystander who finds out Mina is a Rabbit Warrior and blackmails her for it.

  • Tsutsuji Sanae (早苗 つつじ, Sanae Tsutsuji)
  • Voiced by: Saki Nakajima

    A female paparazzi. She became the target of an alien snipers when she took a photo containing a terrorist alien. She holds an interest in military weaponry. Her alter ego is Satsuki Miina. She is a Rogue Miina. But during an alien attack, Nanashi returns her Miina powers.

  • Minamo Haibara (灰原 水面, Haibara Minamo)
  • Voiced by: Mamiko Noto

    A female background character who is shown to have multiple careers and is a Miina, as well.

  • Sumire Nishiha (西羽 すみれ, Nishiha Sumire)
  • Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi

    A girl who origins from Planet Miina(she would be considered in alien, but is a human nonetheless). She is an intergalactic celebrity and is part of the Miina Legion; a court that chooses Miinas. She dislikes Ootsuki Miina, and ruins her reputation by making her appear to be a maniac who loves chaos. She was jealous of her for stealing her place as #1 Miina. However, she doesn't count on Mina revealing her true identity, the other Miinas taking a stand against her, or Nanashi revealing a video showing her plotting to discredit Ootsuki. She has an assistant named Yayoi. Her alter ego is Shiwasu Miina.

  • Halmina Goldberg (ハルミナ·ゴールドバーグ, Harumina Gōrudobāgu)
  • Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe

    She is an Otaku of the Miinas from California. Her idol is Kisaragi Miina, who tells her to become a Miina she must travel to Japan and have special training. But, Tamamushi Miina tells her she has been fooled. Ironically, Nanashi appears to Halmina to reveal that she is indeed a Miina.

    Rabbit Force

    A Getsumen To Heiki Miina, also known as a Miina or Rabbit Warrior, is a rabbit-themed mahō shōjo whose powers pass from mother to daughter. The idea of Miinas originated in Japan (due to Japan's mythology of rabbits), but it is shown that Miinas are worldwide. The Miinas are governed by the Miina Legion. They create rules and regulations regarding a Miina's position. A Miina have her powers evicted if she uses her powers for her own personal gain, resulting in being given the label "Rogue Miina". A Miina has a thematic food (typically produce) which she uses to transform by consuming the food and evoking "Ju-Jytsu". When a Miina transforms, she will gain pink/red eyes and sometimes other physical changes. Because of this, the powers of a Miina are believed to be genetic. A Miina defends herself with a high-tech machine that takes the overall image of her given thematic food. The machine can be changed into a weapon or tool that the Miina chooses. The machine attaches at the Miina's signature "triple tail"(two large rabbit tails attached by a small rabbit tail in between.) Because the machine most likely come in pairs, they attach at the two large tails.

  • Mīna Tsukishiro (月城 ミーナ, Tsukishiro Mīna)
  • Voiced by: Marina Inoue

    The alter ego of Mina Tsukuda. Tsukishiro Miina's thematic food is carrots, thus she obtains two high-tech machines that look like carrots. She typically uses them as jet packs for flight or a hammer for defense. As a running gag, she hates carrots and grimaces in disgust whenever she uses them to transform. Her Miina costume consists of a white, short-sleeved belly shirt, black mini skirt, blue heels and red gloves. In the Densha Otoko series, the pattern of her tail was reversed; having one large rabbit tail in the middle with two smaller tails at the sides.

  • Mīna Ohtsuki (大月 ミーナ, Ōtsuki Mīna)
  • Voiced by: Shizuka Itō

    The alter ego of Suiren Koshu. Her thematic food is beets, thus she obtains two high-tech machines in the appearance of beets. She often uses them as clubs or a baton. It's assumed she is a Rogue Miina because of her single tail and the fact that her weapons are not shown to be launched from the moon base. So rather than being attached to a triple tail, the beet-weapons typically float above her or she carries them. But mention of her being a Rogue was unheard. Her Miina costume consists of a black full body suit with an open zipper down the middle and thick purple boots and gloves. She is the only Miina whose physical appearance changes, her feminine caramel-colored bun is changed to a dark brown boyish cut (representing her personality change in alter egos) Her face also appears more masculine as well. When she attacks an alien, she'll go to extreme lengths to stop it. Often in the process she causes destruction, prompting the theory that she's a Rogue Miina due to this behavior.

  • Mīna Minazuki (水無月 ミーナ, Minazuki Mīna)
  • Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa

    The alter ego of Nakoru Hazemi. Minazuki Miina's thematic food is tomatoes, giving her two high-tech machines in the appearance of tomatoes, she also has a small tomato baton. She is shown to use the machines as a bomb launcher. Her Miina costume is a short-sleeved school uniform (which is noted to look almost identical to her typical school uniform) with red shoes and two brown belts.

  • Mīna Tamamushi (玉虫 ミーナ, Tamamushi Mīna)
  • Voiced by: Kazuko Kojima

    The alter ego of Yuu Takanashi. Her thematic food is cherries, thus she gains a pair of high tech machines that look like cherries. She uses them as bomb launchers. Unlike the others, she has no rabbit tail, rather the cherry-weapons attach to her head band. Her Miina costume is a school uniform with a jacket, red jet pack, and dress shoes. She is shown to echo Minazuki Miina's overall appearance.

  • Mīna Satsuki (皐月 ミーナ, Satsuki Mīna)
  • Voiced by: Saki Nakajima

    The alter ego of Tsutsuji Sanae. Her transformation is activated by blueberries. She is a Rogue Miina. It has been hinted that she used her Miina powers to obtain an antique war craft item, resulting in having her powers evicted. Nanashi later gives her Miina powers back. But because she is a Rogue Miina she doesn't get an official Miina weapon. She gets a bazooka, which she is shown to being to conjure whenever she can in her Miina form. As a result, she has only a single rabbit tail. Her Miina costume consists of a camouflage tank top, black shorts, blue boots, black fingerless gloves and two blue sleeves on her fore arms.

  • Mīna Shiwasu (師走 ミーナ, Shiwasu Mīna)
  • Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi

    The alter ego of Sumire Nishiha. Her thematic food is a potato. But her high-tech machines are in a chain-like form and do not take the form of a potato. She isn't seen using them as a weapon or tool. When she first transforms, she has a single tail. But when her machines are fired from her private jets-rather than the moon base-a triple rabbit tail appears. The tail pattern, however, is reversed. She is the only Miina whose weapons not only attach to her tail but also her collar. It's assumed that because she's part of the Miina Legion, she differs greatly from the other Miinas. Her Miina outfit is a black, short sleeve, belly shirt with a large puffy collar, denim shorts, black boots and multi-colored scrunchies on her wrists.

  • Mīna Yayoi (弥生 ミーナ, Yayoi Mīna)
  • Voiced by: Omi Minami

    Shiwasu Miina's assistant. She has a Miina form but her thematic food, weapon, and transformation not displayed. Her Miina costume consists of a pink layered fluffy poncho, and white boots.

  • Mīna Hazuki (葉月 ミーナ, Hazuki Mīna)
  • Voiced by: Chie Horikoshi

    In pedestrian form, she works at a restaurant. Her Miina costume is a long white gown, red gloves and black dress shoes. Her transformation sequence is not shown.

  • Mīna Shiratori (白鳥 ミーナ, Shiratori Mīna)
  • Voiced by: Michiko Neya

    In pedestrian form, she works at the restaurant. She wears a black leather jacket and a large green and white skirt. Her transformation sequence is not shown.

  • Mīna Shimotsuki (霜月 ミーナ, Shimotsuki Mīna)
  • Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe

    The alter ego of Halmina Goldberg. Her thematic food is corn, so she obtains two high-tech machines in the form of ears of corn. Her Miina costume consists of an orange kimono-like shirt, black thongs, knee-high stockings, dress shoes, and orange gloves. She also has a sword to attack with.

  • Mīna Kisaragi (如月 ミーナ, Kisaragi Mīna)
  • Voiced by: Mayumi Asano

    Her thematic food is supposedly cauliflower. Her Miina costume is a green sports bra, crossed shoulder bags, green parachute pants, sandals and fluffy scrunchies on her wrists. Her transformation sequence is not shown. Kisaragi's pedestrian persona is not displayed in the series. She has a ganguro appearance.

  • Mīna Akiyama (秋山 ミーナ, Akiyama Mīna)
  • Voiced by: Mamiko Noto

    The alter ego of Minamo Haibara. Her thematic food is lotus fruit. She is shown to use her two lotus-weapons as missile launchers. Her Miina costume consists of an oversized, long sleeved, gray wool shirt with blue ribbons, black shoes and black pants.

  • Nanashi (名無し)
  • Voiced by: Joji Nakata

    He is a robot that appears as an infant dressed in a peanut/rabbit costume. Whether or not this is his real form or simply a disguise is never discussed.


    Note: EX-1 and EX-2 are DVD-exclusive episodes.

    Theme songs

  • Opening Theme
  • "Lights, Camera. Action!" by Halcali
  • Ending Theme
  • "Beautiful Story" by Marina Inoue , Yasutaka Nakata

    Other appearances

    Mina Tsukuda is seen in episodes 33 and 34 of Hayate no Gotoku! as a reporter. In the first episode, she is mostly in the background, though she is seen being chased by a mob, after which she flies overhead in her full battle-ready Mina Tsukishiro persona. In the second episode, she interviews Hayate as he is baking cakes. Director Keiichiro Kawaguchi did both series.


    Getsumento Heiki Mina Wikipedia

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