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George Caffentzis

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Name  George Caffentzis

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Books  Fukushima Mon Amour, Clipped coins - abused w, Exciting the Industry of Mankind

George caffentzis strike debt history of debt resistance

George Caffentzis (born 1945) is an American political philosopher and an autonomist Marxist. He founded the Midnight Notes Collective, is a founder member of the co-ordinator of the Committee for Academic Freedom in Africa and a professor of philosophy at the University of Southern Maine.


George Caffentzis Commons against and beyond capitalism Interview with Silvia

How commons are made george caffentzis

Selected articles

George Caffentzis PM Press George Caffentzis
  • Throwing away the ladder: the universities in the crisis,, undated
  • An Introduction to Class Struggle in the US, 1973-1998, 1998
  • Is Truth Enough?,, 2004
  • The Petroleum Commons, CounterPunch, 2004
  • No Blood for Oil, 2004
  • Notes on the edu–factory and Cognitive Capitalism, European Institute for Progressive Cultural Practices, 2007 (with Silvia Federici)
  • Autonomous Universities and the Making of the Knowledge Commons, The Commoner, 2008
  • Academic Freedom & the War on Terror: A Lobster Tale, The Commoner, 2008
  • Starvation Politics: From Ancient Egypt to the Present Day, Turbulence, 2008
  • John Locke - The Philosopher of Primitive Accumulation, Bristol Radical Pamphleteer #5, 2008
  • Everything must change so that everything can stay the same’: Notes on Obama’s Energy Plan’, Turbulence, 2009
  • Network of Resistance to the "Structural Adjustment" of US Universities, the Edu-Factory, 2009 (with Silvia Federici)
  • The World Bank and the Double Crisis of African Universities, The Edu-Factory, 2010
  • University Struggles at the End of the Edu-Deal, Mute Magazine, 2010
  • Books

    George Caffentzis From The Archives Talking Autonomous Marxism And More With Silvia
  • Parole abusate, monete tosate e governo civile. La filosofia del denaro di John Locke, Instituto dell' Enciclopedia Italiana fondata da Giovanni Trecanni, Rome, Italy, 1988.
  • Clipped Coins, Abused Words and Civil Government: John Locke's Philosophy of Money (New York: Autonomedia/ Semiotext(e) Press, 1989).
  • Midnight Oil: Work, Energy, War, 1973–1992, (New York: Autonomedia, 1992) (co-edited). A chapter from Midnight Oil, "Introduction to The New Enclosures," was reprinted in David Solnit (ed.), Globalize Liberation: How to Uproot the System and Build a Better World (San Francisco: City Lights Books, 2004), pp. 61–72.
  • A Thousand Flowers: Social Struggles Against Structural Adjustment in African Universities, (Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press, 2000) (co-edited).
  • Exciting the Industry of Mankind: George Berkeley's Philosophy of Money (Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000).
  • Auroras of the Zapatistas: Local and Global Struggles in the Fourth World War, (New York: Autonomedia, 2001) (co-edited).
  • In Letters of Blood and Fire: Work, Machines, and Value, (Oakland: PM Press, 2013).
  • Interviews

    George Caffentzis How Commons are made George Caffentzis YouTube
  • Conversation with George Caffentzis, 2000
  • TPTG's Conversation with George Caffentzis, 2002
  • References

    George Caffentzis Wikipedia