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General Rani

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Name  General Rani

General Rani in left and Yahya Khan in right

Similar  Yahya Khan , Fakhar e Alam , Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi

Born  c. 1931/1932 (age 70–71), Gujrat, Punjab

Died  1 July 2002 (aged 70–71) Lahore, Pakistan

Partner(s)   General Yahya Khan (Military ruler of Pakistan from 1969 to 1971)

Children  6

Relatives  Fakhar-e-Alam

Aqleem Akhtar, aka General Rani, one of the most powerful women of Pakistan!

Akleem Akhtar, otherwise known as Aqleem Akhtar, General Rani or Ra'annie Yahya Kahn (died 2002), was a Pakistani power broker, brothel owner, and close to General Yahya Khan during his reign (1969–71).


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General Rani | Who Was

Early life

Yahya Khan & General  Rani

Akhtar was born in Gujrat in Punjab, Pakistan in 1931 or 1932. She married a boy known as Moiz je, inhabitant of North Karachi (sector 11-L), much older than herself. When on holiday in Murree, Akhtar removed her naqab in defiance of her husband and told him she was going to live her own life.

Pakistani Scandals Who is General Rani in Pakistan

The dramatic conclusion of Akhtar's marriage was a turning point in her life. In a May 2002 interview with Newsline, Akhtar stated:

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“I was determined to beat men at their own game. Since my husband was in the police, I had been observing men in positions of power throughout my married life and I had realised that all men in positions of power needed a vent and the vent they require the most is a bedmate provided through a reliable agency. The higher a man’s position, the greater his demand.”

The Interseting Tale of Pakistan's Most Powerful Women 'General Rani'

Thus Akhtar adopted a motto of ‘miyan ki juti miyan ke sir’ which means to 'beat men at their own game' and started a prostitution business.

General Rani Kon Thi Or Pakistan K Kis Foji Genrail Sy Is K Qareebi  Taluqaat Thy

Akhtar had not acquired formal skills or qualifications to support an independent career but she had come to know many rich and powerful men through frequenting clubs with her former husband. She met General Yahya Kan via these means and a relationship between them developed.

Relation to Yahya Khan

Due to Akhtar's close association with Yahya Khan and power she exercised due to the connection she was known as General Rani (General's Queen). She is said to have lovingly called Yahya Kahn Agha Jan. Akhtar held no official position, but she was given "full protocol". She denied she was Yahya Khan's "mistress" and claimed that they were merely friends.

Akhtar ran a brothel which, among other powerful men in Pakistan, catered to Yahya Khan.

Personal life

Akhtar and her husband had six children together in Akhtar's early years.

Akhtar is the grandmother of leading pop star Fakhre Alam. A maternal niece of hers, Naureen, was the mother of singer Adnan Sami.


In May 2002, Pakistani media reported that Akhtar was suffering from breast cancer that has metastasised in her liver and kidney.

Akhtar died of cancer on 1 July 2002, aged 73 (approx), at Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Lahore.


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