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Garcinia madruno

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Clusiaceae
Scientific name  Garcinia madruno
Order  Malpighiales
Genus  Garcinia
Rank  Species
Garcinia madruno STRI Office of Bioinformatics Metas
Similar  Garcinia intermedia, Rheedia, Garcinia prainiana, Garcinia livingstonei, Garcinia gardneriana

Charichuelo fruit garcinia madruno in the high ground of amazonia near paucarina lodge

Garcinia madruno (charichuelo) is a fruit-producing tree species from the rainforests of Central and South America. The leaves are dark green and leathery. The fruit looks like a shriveled droopy lemon, and has a similar rind. The interior is soft white pulp and has a popular, slightly citrusy taste people have compared to a sweet santol fruit or lemony cotton candy. The species was formerly included in the genus Rheedia, which has since been absorbed into Garcinia, as Rheedias species are now known as "new world mangosteens".


Garcinia madruno Charichuelo fruit Bumpy lemon Garcinia madruno Zoom39s Edible Plants


Garcinia madruno PlantFiles Pictures Charichuela Madrono Lemon Drop Mangosteen

Garcinia madruno is well adapted to a wide variety of soils, tolerating even poor soils or heavy clay. It is a slow grower and takes about 5 to 7 years to fruit. When young, it must be protected from frosts and it will not fruit in cold areas.


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The fruit is not very well known outside of South America and a few backyard growers in South Florida.

Garcinia madruno Garcinia madruno Useful Tropical Plants
Garcinia madruno STRI Office of Bioinformatics Metas


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