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Industry  Video games
Founded  June 1989
Type of business  Private
Headquarters  Taichung
Number of employees  12 (2009)
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Gamtec (Chinese: 三協資訊; pinyin: sān xié zī xùn) is a video game developer established in June 1989 and based in Taichung City, Taiwan noted for its unlicensed Sega Mega Drive games such as Legend of Wukong and Squirrel King. His motto would have to be: Believe in yourself (Chinese: 相信自己; pinyin: xiāng xìn zì jǐ).


The company also developed a number of NES and PC games, and claims to have developed for the Gamate, Super A'Can, Arcade, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, although it often acted as a contract developer for other companies so is frequently not credited in games it worked on.

Gamtec currently operates the online gaming site Bingo King.


Games in this list, unless otherwise specified, are those that explicitly credit Gamtec. Because the company is a contract developer, it may have helped develop other titles in which its name does not appear, such as those for the Bit Corporation Gamate handheld system.

Nintendo Entertainment System

  • Fire Dragon [AKA Huǒlóng]
  • King Tank [AKA Taan Hak Fung Wan] (1993)
  • Thunderbolt II [AKA Léi Diān II - Thunderbolt Fighting Plane] (1993)
  • The Universe Soldiers (1993)
  • Wisdom Boy (co-developed with Sun Team)
  • Sega Mega Drive

  • 16 Tile Mahjong [AKA 16 Zhang Mahjong (Shíliù Zhāng Májiàng)]
  • 16 Tile Mahjong II [AKA 16 Zhang Mahjong II (Shíliù Zhāng Májiàng II)]
  • Ā Gān Miào Shìjiè [AKA Gumball, or The Amazing World of Gumball]
  • Adventurous Boy [AKA Adventure Kid (Màoxiǎn Xiǎozi)]
  • Bomboy [AKA Explosion Kid (Bàozhà Xiǎozi)] (1993)
  • Chāojí Dà Fùwēng
  • Legend of Wukong [AKA Wukong Rumor (Wùkōng Wàizhuàn)] (1996; 2008: English version developed by Super Fighter Team)
  • The Lion King 2 [AKA Shīziwáng II]
  • Magic 7 Block [AKA Variety Tangram (Bǎi Biàn Qīqiǎobǎn)]
  • Magic Girl [AKA Little Witch (Xiǎo Mónǚ)] (1993)
  • Mènghuàn Shuǐguǒ Pán: 777 Casino
  • Squirrel King (1995)
  • Super Bubble Bobble MD
  • Super Magican [AKA Elf Wor, and Spiritual Magic Priest (Líng Huàn Dàoshi)]
  • Super Tank War
  • Thunderbolt II [AKA Léi Diān II - Thunderbolt Fighting Plane] (1995)
  • Tiny Toon Adventures 3 (1996)
  • Note: The Mega Drive title The Lion King 2 is credited as Lion King II on title screen.


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