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Fuyu County, Heilongjiang

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Prefecture-level city  Qiqihar
Area  4,335 km²
Time zone  China Standard (UTC+8)
Province  Heilongjiang
Fuyu County, Heilongjiang
Country  People's Republic of China

Fuyu (Chinese: 富裕; pinyin: Fùyù) is a county of western Heilongjiang province, People's Republic of China, under the administration of Qiqihar City, the downtown of which is 65 kilometres (40 mi) to the southwest. Various economic crops and the milk are produced in the fertile land. The county has an area of 4,335 square kilometres (1,674 sq mi), and a population of 300,000 inhabitants.


Map of Fuyu, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, China

Sanjiazi (三家子; Romanized Manchu: Ilan Boo) village in this county is one of the few villages whose elderly inhabitants are considered to being the last native speakers of Manchu.

Dawujia in Aihui District of Heihe Prefecture is another village where a few Manchu speakers can be found.

The Fuyu Kyrgyz language is spoken in Fuyu county.

Administrative division


  • Fuyu Town (富裕镇), Fulu (富路镇), Fuhai (富海镇), Erdaowan (二道湾镇), Long'anqiao (龙安桥镇)
  • Townships:

  • Taha Manchu and Daur Ethnic Township (塔哈满族达斡尔族乡), Fanrong Township (繁荣乡), Youyi Daur, Manchu, and Kirghiz Ethnic Township (友谊达斡尔族满族柯尔克孜族乡), Shaowen Township (绍文乡), Zhonghou Township (忠厚乡)
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