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Funa Benkei

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Funa benkei

Funa Benkei is a Japanese Noh play written by Kanze Kojirô Nobumitsu, eventually adapted to Kabuki by Kawatake Mokuami in 1885. It was staged for the first time in November that year and starred Ichikawa Danjūrō IX.


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Minamoto no Yoritomo, seeing his younger brother Minamoto no Yoshitsune as a rival power, excludes him from the royal family despite his loyal performance in battle. Yoshitsune decides to escape and meet up with his retainer Benkei at the Ômo-no-Ura port. While at a hotel en route, his girlfriend Shizuka dances for him, and her headdress falls off during the dance. It is a bad omen, so she leaves it and returns to Kyoto. Yoshitsune continue the next day and board the boat, where they are stuck by a dangerous storm. During the storm they are attacked by ghosts of the sea, among them Taira no Tomomori. They fight the spirits, but to no avail. Eventually Benkei realises that the only way to defeat a vengeful spirit is through prayer, and the storm dissipates.


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