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Fu Jow Pai

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Also known as  Tiger Claw System
Creator  Unknown
Parenthood  Shaolin Kung Fu
Country of origin  China
Famous practitioners  Wong Bill Hong
Fu Jow Pai
Focus  Striking, Throw (grappling), Joint manipulation

Fu Jow Pai (Chinese: 虎爪派, Cantonese Jyutping: Fu2 Zaau2 Pai3, Mandarin pinyin: Hǔzhuǎpài, literally "Tiger Claw School", also "Tiger Claw System" or "Tiger Claw Style"), originally named "Hark Fu Moon" (Chinese: 黑虎門, Cantonese Jyutping: Hak1 Fu2 Mun4, Mandarin pinyin: Hēihǔmén, literally "Black Tiger School", also "Black Tiger System"), is a Chinese martial art that has its origins in Hoy Hong Temple. The system "was modeled after the demeanor and fighting strategy of an attacking tiger. The striking movements are lightning fast, agile and powerful. Techniques unique to Fu-Jow Pai are ripping, tearing, clawing and grasping applications."



Fu Jow Pai Grand Masters trained in the following additional styles:

  • Wong Bil Hong mastered Hung Gar under Wong Kei-Ying and his son, Wong Fei-Hung.
  • Wong Moon Toy mastered Hung Gar under Lam Sai Wing + Wong Bil Hong and Mizongyi under Lau Chook Fung and Doon Yuk Ching before training in Hark Fu Moon with his uncle, Wong Bil Hong.
  • Wai Hong also learned (most notably) Hung Gar, Mizongyi, Choy Lee Fut, and T'ai chi ch'uan.
  • Contributions

    In 1971, Wai Hong sponsored the first all open style full-contact kung fu tournament in the US and which became the model for future US full-contact tournaments. He also founded the Eastern United States Kung-Fu Federation, which he led for eight years. Fu-Jow Pai has appeared in multiple movies, documentaries, and tournaments.


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