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Frank Eickermann

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Name  Frank Eickermann
Books  Jesus Das Buch
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Interview mit agni frank eickermann

Frank Eickermann (born February 3, 1956) is a spiritual teacher who trains people and is active in the Self-development movement. For this he gives trainings, has written books together with several other people and works sometimes on a broader basis to make his knowledge accessible, like e.g. the Nepalese World Peace Movement from former ambassadors and ministers of Nepal. He communicates with the Dalai Lama and other spiritual leaders all around the world. In Germany he is heavily criticized by the "Evangelische Zentralstelle fur Weltanschauungsfragen" (an institution form the German Protestant Church who is a Sect in the view of the Roman Catholic church). This institution is also criticizing Osho, Sai Baba or other spiritual teachers in a polemical way and suggest a potential risk. They mainly reduce all activities from Frank Eickermann to be a millionaire declare him as a founding leader of an esoteric Messianic religious movement. Yet this interferes with the teachings of Frank Eickermann in which he embraces all religions, is encouraging people to follow the religion of their heart, like Haidakhan Babaji taught and whose teachings are also trained in the seminars of Frank Eickermann. Or like in the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba who is also followed - the unity of all religions, as their root is love. He is known to his followers as "Agni", named after the Vedic God of Fire.



Eickermann was born on February 3, 1956, in Hilden, Germany. While studying Law at the University of Cologne, he developed an interest in naturopathy. He trained for a year as a naturopath and opened an alternative medicine therapy center in Bonn, Germany in November 1983, offering acupuncture and chiropody. Eickermann shared his knowledge as a visiting professor of the International University in Sri Lanka. While in Sri Lanka, he spent his spare time treating people for free at a Colombo General Hospital and additionally held courses in diagnosis and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the community.

In the 1990s, Eickermann's focus became one of increasing spirituality, initiating his Path into the light seminars in 1992, and eventually claiming he had a supernatural existence, saying that he had lived in heaven, and descended to earth, charged with carrying out certain tasks.

In 1998, Eickermann established Amritabha in Ribeauville, France, which is the mother centre of his teachings. The first Light-Centre-Training started in 1999 where people learned to lead a centre themselves. Many Light Centres went into service in 2010. There are about 150 all around the globe and new centres open yearly.

Since 2002, Eickermann has been a US resident, living in Tampa Bay.

Since the mid-1980s, Eickermann has written books on different spiritual matters. Themes range from Clairvoyance of the Aura, Kirlian Diagnostics, Spiritual Development, Feng Shui and his sharing life with Jesus.

Additionally he is one of the seven members of the Advisory board of the Kapilvastu Day Movement Global Committee, which is a global Nepalese world peace movement. Former ministers, ambassadors and spiritual authorities are serving with him together on this board that has a global spread.

Beliefs and practices in Centres of Light in the tradition of Agni

Eickermann claims that all religions have the same root. The religion of Love and the knowledge of the Divine is the core of all spiritual paths. Only Love leads to the origin of the inner self. He embraces all religions and faiths in God (or the Higher Self), as they all lead to the wish of finding the one’s own path, the personal reconnection to every ones origin in God.

Internationally, the Centres of Light gather daily, weekly or monthly for group devotional singing (Bhajans), prayers, meditation, service to the community (Seva) and holy fire ceremonies. Each Centre is free to organize as they wish – there are no established. Most decide themselves to offer morning mediation with devotional singing (Omkara and Suprabhatam) and evening meditation in silence. Many celebrate once a month a holy fire ceremony, as once a month a Christ meditation which takes place at the same time around the Globe.

Additionally, many centres offer workshops, one to one encounters for healing and educational and cultural services. This is based upon the background of the individual who is leading the centre, their gifts and individual / team abilities. Many have to finance their spiritual service by a regular day time jobs, as many of the program offers are free of charge nd every cnter finance themselves. The combining belief of all centres is that serving the community leads to a global growth of love, light and a peaceful society.


Eickermann’s central teaching is: “Live love every day” and “There is only one way – yours. There is only one goal – yours”, expressing love and freedom of the individual as his guiding principles.

The main mantra for meditation is “God is love”. This mantra is used to train the soul to orient every thought and deed on the principles of love and reconnecting the inner self to the unity with the Creator.

Eickermann proposes to live a life based on truth, simplicity, and love.

You can also receive a spiritual name, which is channeled by one of the so-called Masters within the organisation.


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