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Forestiere Underground Gardens

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Architect  Forestiere,Baldasare
CHISL #  916
Added to NRHP  28 October 1977
NRHP Reference #  77000293
Area  4 ha
Forestiere Underground Gardens img01deviantartnet9dcdi201215706forestier
Location  5021 W. Shaw Ave., Fresno, California
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Forestiere underground gardens fresno california

Forestiere Underground Gardens Located at 5021 West Shaw Avenue in Fresno, California are an unusual manmade creation built by Baldasare Forestiere, an immigrant from Sicily, over a period of 40 years from 1906 to until his death in 1946. It is operated by members of the Forestiere family through the Forestiere Historical Center, and can be considered a spectacular and unconventional example of vernacular architecture.


Forestiere Underground Gardens Forestiere Underground Gardens Fresno CA Top Tips Before You Go

The catalyst for the construction of the underground abode was a result of the hot summers typical of the Fresno area. The inspiration lends itself to ancient Roman catacombs that Baldasare was infatuated with in his youth. Countless hours were spent excavating the hardpan layer that cements much of Fresno’s soil to create his underground home. It had a summer bedroom, a winter bedroom, a bath, a functional kitchen, a fish pond, and a parlor with a fireplace. Interspersed amongst the beautiful stone walls and archways are grottoes and courtyards that allow for pockets of light. The intricate pathways were created section by section, over a span of 10 acres, without the aid of blueprints.

Forestiere Underground Gardens Fresno CA the Forestiere Underground Gardens underground caverns

Forestiere underground gardens


There are three levels within this underground structure:

  • Level One: 10 feet deep
  • Level Two: 22 feet deep
  • Level Three: 23 feet deep
  • Architecture

    Forestiere Underground Gardens Forestiere Underground Living 1920s in Fresno natural building

    The gardens, while subterranean, have many skylights and catchbasins for water. The dirt that was moved to create the large structure was utilized elsewhere to fill planters, create stones placed within the catacombs, and to level out other parts of the land. The pathways and rooms were constructed with various widths to help direct airflow by creating pressure as it moves through narrower portions and maintain movement as it bounces off the slants and curves of the cavernous walls. The conical skylights allow for the hot air to be pushed out more quickly and the cool air to remain below.


    Forestiere Underground Gardens Forestiere Underground Garden Neatorama

    The plants and trees, some of which are over 100 years old, are protected, by virtue of construction, from the frost in the winter months. Each level was planted at different times, so they bloom in succession, in order to lengthen the growing season. It houses a variety of fruit ranging from citrus and berries to exotic fruits like the kumquat, loquat, and jujube. The trees have been grafted to bear more than one kind of fruit, allowing for a larger variety to be grown throughout the space. Trees and vines were also planted above the dwelling, acting as insulation and formed canopies that provided protection from the elements.


    Forestiere Underground Gardens Visit Main Forestiere Underground Gardens

    It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is registered as No. 916 on the list of California Historical Landmarks.

    Forestiere Underground Gardens Fresno CA Forestiere Underground Gardens


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