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Forbes Energy

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Forbes Energy LLC is an American company developing a new way of producing renewable, sustainable fuel and electrical energy. The Company is building a zero-environmental impact, global energy facility which uses ethanol derived from sugarcane. Forbes Energy was established in 2006 by entrepreneur Lucien Forbes. The concept was developed in 2003 when he visited a self-sufficient organic sugar production plant in Brazil. Forbes Energy is a Rhode Island Company.


Forbes Energy’s goal is to deliver sugar-derived ethanol to the US market. Through Forbes’ location in the Dominican Republic and ability to operate within CAFTA-DR and CBI, the Company is positioned to produce ethanol for the US market at a competitive price.

In the first phase of the project, Forbes Energy is developing a skid-mounted dehydration plant to be installed in the Dominican port of Manzanillo to refine Brazilian ethanol to import into the United States. The facility is capable of producing 10 million US gallons (38,000 m3) of fuel-grade ethanol per month. In the second phase, Forbes entered into a contract with Brazilian company Proeng to construct and supply refining facilities to convert Dominican sugar into ethanol. The plant will have an estimated capacity of 500 million US gallons (1,900,000 m3) of fuel-grade ethanol per year. The facility is designed to have a zero-environmental impact.

Forbes Energy Dominicana will use agricultural lands under concession to grow sugarcane to supply the ethanol plant. Once construction of the facility is completed in 2008, Forbes Energy Dominicana will become a major fuel and electrical energy supplier to the Dominican Republic.


Forbes Energy Dominicana

Business area

Forbes Energy is currently developing facilities in Manzanillo, in the province of Monte Cristi of the Dominican Republic. As production increases, the Company plans to expand into Haiti and other Caribbean nations.


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