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First Time (TV series)

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Developed by
Kit Villanueva-Langit

Country of origin

Final episode date
28 May 2010


Directed by
First episode date
8 February 2010

Executive producer
Wilma Galvante

First Time title card.jpg
Created by
GMA Entertainment TV Group

Barbie FortezaJoshua DionisioJake VargasBea Binene

Opening theme
"First Love/Pers Lab"by Rita Iringan


Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin (2011 TV series), Andoy Ranay, Pahiram ng Isang Ina

First Time was a Philippine teen Drama series developed by Kit Langit and directed by Andoy Ranay. The series premiered on GMA Network on February 8, 2010 starring Barbie Forteza and Joshua Dionisio, who were previously paired in Stairway to Heaven and Dear Friend: My Christmas List. The show is part of GMA's 60th Year Celebration Offering.



Cyndi and Lukas are a couple of teenagers who met one summer at the beach. Their new-found friendship is immediately put to the test after Lucas’ mother dies from a mysterious accident, which resulted in his father's decision to live abroad. And just like that, Cyndi and Lukas, albeit unwillingly, said their goodbyes.

Two years later, Lukas returns to the country and enrolls in the same school as Cyndi’s. For a while, the two try to rekindle their friendship only for Cyndi to find out that the Lukas from that memorable summer is no longer there. Lukas, once a cheerful and fun-loving boy, has grown to become so quiet, and detached from everyone including Cyndi.

In the long run, with the help of Cyndi and her best friend Baste, Lukas will eventually come to terms with the tragedies in his life. All three of them become inseparable – even Lukas and Baste, who have little in common besides sharing a love for Cyndi – spending most of their time at Baste’s, whose middle-class family finds happiness in music.

In the end, Lukas' father confesses that he is part of the scheme that killed Lukas' Mother, but didn't tell Lukas because he is protecting Lukas and the family's reputation. As he and Lukas become close, he is taken away by the police. Lukas'Godfather decides to follow his brother's wishes to send Lukas abroad to study. At their Farewell Party, Lukas and Cyndi say their goodbyes but Lukas promises Cyndi to come back every summer.

Two years later, Cyndi is on vacation at the resort where she first met Lukas. She narrates that a lot has changed in Their School: St. Claire's, when Lukas Left. She narrates that Baste is now flirting with Lukas' cousin Sarah, Jimbo finally got to college after being held back a few years, and Cyndi is still waiting for Lukas to make good on his promise to come back. When she turns around she sees Lukas. Lukas tells her that he wants to make good on his promise, after talking for a while, they decide to have fun and chase each other in the beach.

Main Cast

  • Barbie Forteza as Cyndi Gomez
  • Joshua Dionisio as Lukas Ynfante
  • Jake Vargas as Baste Luna
  • Bea Binene as Natalie Dimaculangan
  • Supporting Role

  • Jhoana Marie Tan as Sara Santiago
  • Lucho Ayala as Jimbo Dimaculangan
  • Mark Elliot Castillo as Daniel Olivia
  • Gracie Henson as Patty Montalban
  • Joyce Ching as Bea
  • Mac Castillo as Nathan
  • Eugene Domingo as Ms. Barbarella Buncalan Jackson
  • Michelle Madrigal as Valeria Gomez
  • Joross Gamboa as Coach Ted
  • Ian Veneracion as Robert Gomez
  • Ana Capri as Hilda Gomez
  • Cris Villanueva as Ben Gomez
  • Angel Jacob as Olive Ynfante
  • Eric Quizon as Jaime Ynfante
  • Manilyn Reynes as Laura Luna
  • Romnick Sarmenta as Marcel Luna
  • Bayani Agbayani as Raffy Santiago
  • Shiela Marie Rodriguez as Doris Santiago
  • Alicia Mayer as Fake Ms. Dimaculangan
  • Mel Kimura as Ms. Ida
  • Ricci Chan as Sir Pete
  • Roxanne Barcelo as Ms. Berna
  • Peter Serrano as Manay Oh
  • Harlene Bautista-Sarmenta as Teresa Chavez
  • Extended Cast

  • Anna Vicente as Belle
  • Carmi Martin as Real Ms. Dimaculangan
  • Patrick Suelto as Josh Goretti
  • Tricia Andrews as Hannah
  • Emsi Nightmare as Mary Christine
  • DVD release

    The series was released onto DVD-format by GMA Records. The DVDs are in volumes, there are eight volumes total containing all of the shows episodes.


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