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First José Rizal Monument (Daet)

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30 December 1898

Completion date
30 December 1889

Dedicated to
Monumental sculpture

First José Rizal Monument (Daet)

Lt. Colonel Antonio Sanz and Ildefonso Alegre

1508 Justo Lukban St, Daet, 4600 Camarines Norte, Philippines

Rizal Monument, Casa de Segunda, Calaguas

The Rizal Monument in Daet, Camarines Norte was the first monument built to honor José Rizal, and is the oldest surviving such monument in the Philippines. It was designed by Lt. Colonel Antonio Sanz with the help of Ildefonso Alegre of the Philippine Revolutionary Army and through the financial contributions of the locals of Camarines Norte. The three-tiered stone pylon with its square base supporting a triangle in two stages was the first monument and memorial marker in memory of the Philippines' National Hero.



The construction of the memorial marker started on December 30, 1898, 2years after the death of Rizal and in compliance with a decree of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo to observe the said date as a national holiday in the "Free Philippines."

It was declared as a historical landmark in 1961 by the National Historical Commission and was recently declared a national monument by virtue of NHI Resolution No. 12 by the National Historical Institute.

Parts of the memorial

On the topmost triangle, one will find a golden star and the words, "A Jose Rizal." It is a dedication to the National Hero in Spanish which means "To Jose Rizal."

At the base are Rizal's works – Noli Me Tángere and El Filibusterismo with the year on when they were published.


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