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Ficus vasta

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Moraceae
Rank  Species
Order  Rosales
Genus  Ficus
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Ficus vasta (Amharic: ዋርኮ?; warka) is a fig plant found in Ethiopia and Yemen.



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Ficus vasta is a large tree, with a massive trunk, and spreading branches whose tips form an inverted bowl up to 50m in diameter. It reaches a height of 25m. The trunk is smooth and grey, and is commonly buttressed. The bark is smooth and grey, except on young branches where it is yellow-white-brown, and flaking when dry. The leaves are elliptical, reaching 25 x 20 cm, hairy, and rough to the touch.


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The figs grow in clusters, are 2 cm in diameter, and spherical. When ripe they are green with pale green spots. They are hairy and their opening is clear.

Ficus vasta category3

They are edible, being collected by children. They are also eaten by sheep, goats, monkeys (including baboons) and birds. The figs can be eaten right off the tree, or when half-dry, or when dry. Dry figs are usually stored and eaten as needed.


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Ficus vasta grows in or near the Horn of Africa. It is primarily endemic to Ethiopia and Yemen, but can also be found in the Sudan, Somalia and Saudi Arabia, and into Uganda and Tanzania in the African Great Lakes region. The tree grows along rivers forming stands or thickets. Additionally, it is found in dry savannah, and grows at elevations between 1,400m and 2,500m. It is not cultivated under domestication, and is disappearing due to human pressure, mainly in its use as firewood.

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Ficus vasta


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