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Federico Ferrari

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Main interests  Aesthetics
Areas of interest  Aesthetics
Notable ideas  Arte essenziale

Name  Federico Ferrari
Role  Philosopher
Region  Western philosophy
Federico Ferrari Federico Ferrari Critic and teacher Milan Radicateeu

Born  15 September 1969 (age 46) (1969-09-15) Milan, Italy
Books  Being Nude: The Skin of Images

Schools of thought  Continental philosophy
Philosophical era  Contemporary philosophy

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Federico Ferrari (born 15 September 1969) is an Italian philosopher and art critic. He teaches Philosophy of Art at Brera Academy, in Milan, Italy.


Federico ferrari on arte essenziale


Under the influence of Maurice Blanchot and Jean-Luc Nancy he has published many essays on philosophy, as well as literature. He has written two books with Jean-Luc Nancy: the first on the subject of nude, the second on the iconography of the writer. More recently, he has been working on the deconstruction of the museum in post-modernity, on the issue of art and/in time and on the ontological status of the image. In 2011 he theorized the aesthetics of "Arte Essenziale", which manifested itself in the show held at Collezione Maramotti (Reggio Emilia, Italy) and at Frankfurter Kunstverein (Germany). Eugenio Viola writes of Ferrari, "In a time when many continue to lament what they see as the inexorable decline of theory’s role in criticism, “Arte essenziale” (Essential Art), curated by philosopher Federico Ferrari, does its part to placate concerns with an exploration of the ties that link artistic practice and philosophical speculation. The show focuses on the Wesen, or essence, of a work of art—a notion that has always been inextricably linked with a search for the new."

Video lectures

  • Ferrari, Federico. Arte essenziale. Collezione Maramotti. 2011. (Italian)
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