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Years active  1979–2002 2011
Active until  2011
Labels  Sub Pop, PopLlama
Genres  Punk rock, Pop punk
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Associated acts  Visqueen, Guns N' Roses, Calligraphers
Past members  Kurt Bloch Lulu Gargiulo Kim Warnick Duff McKagan Mike Musburger Richard Stuverud Nate Johnson Rusty Willoughby
Origin  Seattle, Washington, United States (1979)
Albums  The Question Is No, Answer the Phone, Dummy
Members  Duff McKagan, Richard Stuverud
Similar  Kurt Bloch, Kim Warnick, The Fartz, The Young Fresh Fellows, 10 Minute Warning

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The Fastbacks were a Seattle, Washington punk rock band. Formed in 1979 by songwriter/guitarist Kurt Bloch (born August 28, 1960), and friends Lulu Gargiulo (guitar and vocals, born October 12, 1960) and Kim Warnick (bass and vocals, born April 7, 1959), they disbanded in 2001. Their sound mixed a generally punk rock approach to vocals and sound textures with poppy tunes and strong musicianship.


Fastbacks Fastbacks on Sub Pop Records

Although these three band members remained fairly constant, they went through numerous drummers, including Duff McKagan, later of Guns N' Roses. MTV's web page on the Fastbacks says that estimates at the number of Fastbacks drummers "range from 12 to 20." For most of the band's last decade, Mike Musburger filled this role, but other Fastbacks drummers before him (or when he took occasional breaks) included Bloch himself, Richard Stuverud (perhaps best known from War Babies, Fifth Angel and his collaborations with Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament, including Three Fish, Tres Mts. and RNDM), Nate Johnson and Rusty Willoughby (both of whom also played in both Flop and Pure Joy), John Moen (of the Dharma Bums, later of Steven Malkmus's Jicks and The Decemberists), Jason Finn (of the Presidents of the United States of America), Dan Peters of Mudhoney, and Tad Hutchison of the Young Fresh Fellows. Several of these people also served at times as drummers in The Squirrels, a similarly long-lived band, and the Fastbacks' sometime label-mates on PopLlama Records, who bring a similar mix of strong musicianship and punk attitude to even poppier material.

Fastbacks Fastbacks In the Summer YouTube

Contributing to the band's breakup was Kim Warnick's move to the band Visqueen in 2001 through 2004. In summer 2010 Kim Warnick started a new band with Mikey Davis (Alien Crime Syndicate, Tommy Stinson) called Cali Giraffes.

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The Fastbacks reunited for a one-off live performance 8 July 2011 at the West Seattle Summer Music Festival, featuring the core trio of Kurt, Kim and Lulu, along with Mike Musburger on drums, their first official show together since their break-up a decade ago.

Fastbacks lamestain The Fastbacks are always right

Fastbacks it s your birthday side a


  • And His Orchestra - Pop Llama - 1987
  • Very, Very Powerful Motor - Pop Llama - 1990
  • Zücker - Sub Pop - 1993
  • Answer the Phone, Dummy - Sub Pop - 1994
  • New Mansions in Sound - Sub Pop - 1996
  • Day that didn't Exist - SpinArt Records - 1999
  • Singles
  • "It's Your Birthday" / "You Can't Be Happy" - No Threes - 1981
  • "Wrong Wrong Wrong" / "In America" - Subway - 1989 - UK
  • "In The Winter" / "It Came To Me In A Dream" - Subway - 1989 - UK
  • "Lose" - Steve Priest Fan Club - 1990 - (Split with Gas Huffer)
  • The Answer Is You ("My Letters"/"Whatever Happened to ?"/"Impatience"/"Above the Sunrise") - Sub Pop, 1991 (2-single set)
  • "They Don't Care" / "Out of the Charts" - PopLlama - 1993
  • "Run No More / "Really" - Who Cares? - 1992
  • "Now Is the Time" / "Sometimes" / "Was Late" - Ded Beet Records - 1992
  • "Gone to the Moon" - "Go All the Way" - Sub Pop - 1993
  • "Wait It Out" / "The Jester" - Munster records - 1994
  • Rat Race / I Live In A Car / Telephone Numbers - Gearhead Records - 1995 - Split with The Meices
  • Just Say - Sub Pop - 1996
  • All In Order / Answer The Phone, Dummy / Allison - Birdtime Bird Co. - 1996
  • And After All / Marionette - Birdtime Bird Co. - 1996
  • Come On Come On / I Can't Hide - Super Fan Records - 2011
  • EP
  • Fastbacks Play Five of Their Favorites - No Threes - 1982
  • Everyday Is Saturday - No Threes - 1984
  • "In The Summer/You Can't Be Happy/Everything I Don't Need/Queen of Eyes" - No Threes/SPFC - 1989
  • Win Lose or Both - Pop Llama, 1998
  • Appearances
  • "Someone Else's Room" on the Seattle Syndrome Volume One - 1981
  • "Swallow My Pride" (Green River cover) on the Sub Pop 200 compilation - Sub Pop - 1988
  • "Hit or Miss" (The Damned cover) on Another Damned Seattle Compilation - Dashboard Hula Girl Records - 1991
  • "Impatience" on International Pop Underground Convention (live) (1992)
  • Compilations
  • Never Fails, Never Works - Blaster! (UK) - 1991
  • The Question Is No - Sub Pop - 1992
  • Truth Corrosion and Sour Bisquits - Book Records - 2004
  • Now is the Time - No Threes Records - 2016
  • Live
  • Bike • Toy • Clock • Gift - self-released as a tape in 1988, re-released on No Threes Records in 1989, CD released in 1994 on Lucky Records.
  • In America - Smilin' Ear - 1991 (2x7)
  • Here They Are... Live At the Crocodile... - Lance Rock (Canada) - 1996
  • Songs

    Gone to the MoonZücker · 1993
    Swallow My PrideIn America · 1991
    It's Your BirthdayNow Is the Time · 2016


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