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FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives by year, 1960

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FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives by year, 1960

In 1960, the United States FBI, under Director J. Edgar Hoover, continued for an eleventh year to maintain a public list of the people it regarded as the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.


As 1960 began, seven of the ten places on the list remained filled by these elusive long-time fugitives, then still at large:

  • 1950 #14 (ten years), Frederick J. Tenuto remained at large
  • 1952 #36 (eight years), James Eddie Diggs remained at large
  • 1954 #78 (six years), David Daniel Keegan remained at large
  • 1956 #97 (four years), Eugene Francis Newman remained at large
  • 1958 #107 (two years), Angelo Luigi Pero process dismissed December 2, 1960
  • 1959 #112 (one year), Edwin Sanford Garrison arrested September 9, 1960
  • 1959 #116 (eight months), Billy Owens Williams arrested March 4, 1960
  • This would be a very successful year for capturing fugitives from the Ten Most Wanted list, clearing space for new fugitives to be added to the list. As a result, the FBI was able to add 22 new fugitives to the list over the course of the year, the highest since the 24 additions in the still (as of 2013) record year of 1953.

    1960 Fugitives

    The Ten Most Wanted Fugitives listed by the FBI in 1960 include (in FBI list appearance sequence order):

    Kenneth Ray Lawson

    January 4, 1960 #124
    Two months on the list
    Kenneth Ray Lawson - U.S. prisoner arrested March 17, 1960, in Laredo, Texas

    Ted Jacob Rinehart

    January 25, 1960 #125
    Two months on the list
    Ted Jacob Rinehart - U.S. prisoner arrested March 6, 1960, in Granada Hills, California, after a citizen recognized him from a wanted flyer. Rinehart told Agents he learned of his addition to the "Top Ten" list while watching a local television show.

    Charles Clyatt Rogers

    March 18, 1960 #126
    Two months on the list
    Charles Clyatt Rogers - U.S. prisoner arrested May 11, 1960, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, while standing in a soup line at a Salvation Army center. He was recognized by a police officer who collected FBI wanted posters.

    Joseph Corbett, Jr.

    March 30, 1960 #127
    Seven months on the list
    Joseph Corbett, Jr. - paroled in 1987; was sentenced to life; was a U.S. and Canadian prisoner arrested October 29, 1960, in Vancouver, British Columbia, by Canadian police after two Canadian citizens recognized him from a November 1960 Reader's Digest article; was wanted for the kidnap and subsequent murder of wealthy heir Adolph Coors III

    William Mason

    April 6, 1960 #128
    Three weeks on the list
    William Mason (fugitive) - U.S. prisoner arrested April 27, 1960, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Edward Reiley

    May 10, 1960 #129
    Three weeks on the list
    Edward Reiley - U.S. prisoner arrested May 24, 1960, in Rockford, Illinois, by the local sheriff after an auto salesman recognized Reiley from a wanted flyer. Upon arrest he pleaded, "Don't shoot! I'm the guy you want."

    Harold Eugene Fields

    May 25, 1960 #130
    Four months on the list
    Harold Eugene Fields - U.S. prisoner arrested September 5, 1960, in Schererville, Indiana. Fields told arresting FBI Agents his place on the "Top Ten" list convinced him his days of freedom were numbered and his apprehension came as no surprise.

    Richard Peter Wagner

    June 23, 1960 #131
    Two days on the list
    Richard Peter Wagner - U.S. prisoner arrested June 25, 1960, in Ray, Minnesota, after a citizen recognized him from a newspaper article. An expert woodsman, Wagner had been serving as a guide at a hunting and fishing lodge where he was captured.

    James John Warjac

    July 19, 1960 #132
    Three days on the list
    James John Warjac - U.S. prisoner arrested July 22, 1960, in Los Angeles, California

    Ernest Tait

    August 16, 1960 #133
    One month on the list, was earlier Fugitive #23 in 1951
    Ernest Tait - U.S. prisoner arrested September 10, 1960, in Denver, Colorado; 2nd appearance on the list, was also Fugitive #23 in 1951, had been arrested July 12, 1951, in Miami, Florida

    Clarence Leon Raby

    August 19, 1960 #134
    One week on the list
    Clarence Leon Raby - U.S. prisoner surrendered August 28, 1960, to local authorities at his parent's home in Heiskell, Tennessee

    Nathaniel Beans

    September 12, 1960 #135
    Three weeks on the list
    Nathaniel Beans - U.S. prisoner arrested September 30, 1960, in Buffalo, New York, by a police officer who recognized Beans from a magazine photograph

    Stanley William Fitzgerald

    September 20, 1960 #136
    Two days on the list
    Stanley William Fitzgerald - U.S. prisoner arrested September 22, 1960, in Portland, Oregon, by the FBI after a citizen recognized him from a photograph in a newspaper

    Donald Leroy Payne

    October 6, 1960 #137
    Five years on the list
    Donald Leroy Payne - PROCESS DISMISSED November 26, 1965, in Houston, Texas, by local authorities

    Charles Francis Higgins

    October 10, 1960 #138
    One week on the list
    Charles Francis Higgins - U.S. prisoner arrested October 17, 1960, in Kirkwood, Missouri, by local police after an officer recognized him from a newspaper photograph

    Robert William Schultz, Jr.

    October 12, 1960 #139
    One month on the list
    Robert William Schultz, Jr. - U.S. prisoner arrested November 4, 1960, in Orlando, Florida

    Merle Lyle Gall

    October 17, 1960 #140
    Three months on the list
    Merle Lyle Gall - U.S. prisoner arrested January 18, 1961, in Scottsdale, Arizona

    James George Economou

    October 31, 1960 #141
    Five months on the list
    James George Economou - U.S. prisoner arrested March 22, 1961, in Los Angeles, California, after a tip from an informant

    Ray Delano Tate

    November 18, 1960 #142
    One week on the list
    Ray Delano Tate - U.S. prisoner surrendered November 25, 1960, to the New York city editor of the New York Daily Mirror newspaper. He was taken into custody immediately by FBI Agents.

    John B. Everhart

    November 22, 1960 #143
    three years on the list
    John B. Everhart - U.S. prisoner arrested November 6, 1963, in San Francisco, California, while painting a house

    Herbert Hoover Huffman

    December 19, 1960 #144
    One week on the list
    Herbert Hoover Huffman - U.S. prisoner apprehended December 29, 1960, in Cleveland, Ohio, after a fellow worker recognized him from a wanted poster

    Kenneth Eugene Cindle

    December 23, 1960 #145
    Four months on the list
    Kenneth Eugene Cindle - U.S. prisoner apprehended April 1, 1961, in Cochran County, Texas, after a local farmer saw his photograph on television, and recognized him as a hitchhiker he had picked up earlier that day; he had been hitchhiking across the county and working odd jobs to avoid apprehension


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