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Ezel (TV series)

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Genre  Thriller, Crime, Drama
Narrated by  Tuncel Kurtiz
First episode date  28 September 2009
Number of seasons  2
Networks  ATV, Show TV
8.5/10 IMDb

Directed by  Uluç Bayraktar
Theme music composer  Toygar Işıklı
Final episode date  20 June 2011
Program creator  Ay Yapım
Ezel (TV series) Ezel Turkish Drama

Written by  Kerem DerenPınar Bulut
Starring  Kenan İmirzalıoğluCansu DereHaluk BilginerYiğit ÖzşenerBarış FalayBurçin TerzioğluBade İşçilSarp Akkayaİpek BilginSalih KalyonTuncel KurtizSedef AvciBerrak Tüzünataçİsmail Filiz
Cast  Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Cansu Dere, Tuncel Kurtiz, Bade İşcil, Barış Falay
Similar  Karadayı, Sıla, Kuzey Güney, Forbidden Love, A Lei do Amor

Ezel ([eˈzæl]) is a Turkish crime revenge thriller TV series that was initially broadcast by Show TV in autumn 2009. In 2010, it was transferred to ATV. It has since gained a considerably large fan base in Turkey. Although it is set in modern-day Istanbul, Turkey, filming also took place in North Cyprus, Croatia, and England. There are 71 episodes, roughly 90 minutes each (two hours with commercials), the series came to an end after two seasons.


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In 1997 Oguz Uçar (İsmail Filiz) and his family lived a comfortable lower middle-class life, until one day his life was changed forever. Ömer had two best friends that he had known for years, Ali and Cengiz. Ömer worked with Ali as a motor mechanic, and Cengiz when Ömer met and fell in love with Eyşan . Ali and Cengiz soon become convinced by Serdar Tezcan, Eyşan's father, to rob a casino. Serdar made the whole plan. In Serdar's plan, Ali, Cengiz and Eysan would rob a casino and Ömer would be blamed for the robbery by way of implanting false evidence.

Ali and Cengiz at the time believed that Ömer would only get a few years in jail for stealing the money; however, the robbery went wrong and Ali had to shoot and kill the security guard. When Ömer was blamed for the crime, the commissar went to the prison cell where Ömer was in there for a couple hours. Commissar was asking Omer about robbery, and Ömer was insisting that he was innocent, a witness was called to the stand. That witness was Eyşan, who falsely testified that it was Ömer who robbed the casino and murdered the security guard.

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The plan worked successfully and all the while Ali, Cengiz, Serdar and Eyşan got away with murder and millions of dollars. Ömer went to jail and during his incarceration, Ömer had some very hard times.

In 2005, Ömer had his face badly cut by the chief and with help from old man named Ramiz, it was made known that Ömer had died but his face was unrecognisable, when actually Ömer escaped the jail and had full plastic surgery. Ömer Uçar then changes his name to Ezel and returns to get his revenge, unknown to his previous friends, Eyşan and Cengiz who are now married and have a son, and Ali who is head of security at Cengiz's hotel


The story is set in Istanbul, Turkey. Filming however took place in North Cyprus, Croatia, England and Bosna.

Ezel in other languages

Ezel was translated multiple times and broadcast in foreign channels, most notably to Persian language by Gem TV in 2010, to Hungarian language in 2009, Czech language by Prima Love in 2011, Arabic language by MBC4 in 2012, Urdu language by Geo Kahani in 2013, Bulgarian language by Nova TV in 2014 and in Spanish language by Chilean TV channel Mega in 2014, LATINA and Caracol Televisión in 2015. Until now, it is sold to over 95+ countries.


Armenia's leading TV channel, Shant TV, purchased the script rights to the show and produced its own TV series featuring local actors and actresses who are striking for their similarity to their Turkish peers. The Armenian producers were hiding the fact that the show was originally a Turkish production, fearing protests from the Armenian audience.

Ezel is also adapted by Hollywood.


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