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A Lei do Amor

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Directed by  Natália Grimberg
Composer(s)  Ricardo Leão
Network  Rede Globo
5.1/10 IMDb

Creative director(s)  Denise Saraceni
First episode date  3 October 2016
Genre  Telenovela
A Lei do Amor httpss2glbimgcomkpg25nHIdlxDdfQ9aSDx3LF84
Created by  Maria Adelaide Amaral Vincent Villari
Starring  Cláudia Abreu Reynaldo Gianecchini Vera Holtz José Mayer Tarcísio Meira Thiago Lacerda Cláudia Raia Grazi Massafera Camila Morgado Ricardo Tozzi Heloísa Périssé Isabella Santoni Humberto Carrão Alice Wegmann
Opening theme  "O Trenzinho Caipira" by Ney Matogrosso
Program creators  Maria Adelaide Amaral, Vincent Villari
Languages  Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese
Similar  Rock Story, Sol Nascente, Malhação, A Terra Prometida, Cheias de Charme

A lei do amor veja cenas in ditas da sua nova novela das nove

A Lei do Amor (English title: Wounded Past) is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo. It premiered on 3 October 2016, replacing Velho Chico.


Created by Maria Adelaide Amaral and Vincent Villari, the telenovela is directed by Natalia Grimberg and Denise Saraceni.

Features performances by Cláudia Abreu, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Vera Holtz, Tarcísio Meira, José Mayer, Ricardo Tozzi, Thiago Lacerda, Claudia Raia, Isabella Santoni, Humberto Carrão, Alice Wegmann and Heloísa Périssé in the main roles.

The plot features the story of Heloísa and Pedro who after years of separation meets once again and realize the feelings they had for eac other and the efforts of Tião and Magnólia to separate them. It also features politics, power, seduction, comedy, envy family drama in the fictitious town of São Dimas where the characters lives intertwine to create cohesion and conflicts.

A lei do amor cap tulo 98 da novela quarta 25 de janeiro na globo


The story begins in 1995 in a fictitious city of São Dimas, a metropolitan region of São Paulo, which is a typical picture of society and politics. A medium-sized town, that has its main source of income from a weaving factory headed by businessman Fausto (Tarcísio Meira) and his wife Magnólia (Vera Holtz), known to many simply as Mág, whom the city's population has real veneration.

What most people don't know is that Mág, behind the veneer of false tenderness which all tend to view, hides her true nature; she is arrogant, authoritarian, always thirsty for power and without any scruples, by using various tricks to get what she wants no matter who gets hurt and trying to use these as justification that everything she does is to keep his family together. Fausto married Mág shortly after her first wife's death—who was Pedro's (Chay Suede/Reynaldo Gianecchini) mother mother. They have to other children Hércules and Vitória.

Pedro meets Heloísa a young woman who lives a quite life with her parents; her leukemia ailing mother Cândida and the unemployed and alcoholic father Jorge. In an act of desperation, her father tries to rob the textile company of Fausto but ends up being indicted and arrested; in prison, there is a rebellion and the latter dies. Later, his mother also passes on from the disease she suffered for lack of proper treatment.

With Helô and Pedro relationship that started prior to the unfortunate events, Mág and Fausto cultivate a plan to separate the two. They hire Gabriela, a new secretary of Mág to seduce and lure Pedro to bed and they also contract Helô to a modeling agency run by Mág's trusted friend and confidant Gigi. In cahoots with Mág, Gigi sends Helô away from São Dimas for a modeling leaving Pedro vulnerable to Suzana. At the same time they cut communication between the two and Pedro felt that Helô had moved on without him. On the night of Helô surprise return, Pedro got drunk and fell a sleep. Mág demands Suzana to seduce Pedro. Helô finds the naked Suzana with Pedro and believes that Pedro betrayed (even though nothing really happened between the two and Pedro never knew about it till years later). During the anger episode Helô leaves São Dimas indefinitely to be a professional model where she meets Tião, a man that she marries and Pedro lives for France due to the pain he felt by Helô's absence.

Years later, Helô has seemingly moved on with her powerful Tião (José Mayer) who are apparently become distant over the years, with there two children; Letícia who suffers the same ailment the grandmother had and Edu who has a difficult relationship with his father. Pedro returns to São Dimas and their romance with Helô is rekindled, once more putting each other to the test as the forces that are set to separate them are more reinforced.


The first episode of A Lei do Amor registered a viewership rating of 30 points in Greater São Paulo, the lowest viewership for the 8/9 pm telenovela.


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