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Eugen Grosche

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Name  Eugen Grosche
Role  Author
Died  1964

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Fraternitas saturni part 5 eugen grosche gregor a gregorius brotherhood of saturn

Eugen Grosche (11 March 1888, in Leipzig – 5 January 1964), also known as Gregor A. Gregorius, was a German occultist and author. He was founder and Grandmaster of the lodge Fraternitas Saturni from 1926 till 1964.


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Life and work

Eugen Grosche Fraternitas Saturni Eugen Grosche Gregor A Gregorius

Most of his life Gregorius lived in Berlin. He was a member of the Weida Conference in 1925. In the wake of the Conference he founded the Fraternitas Saturni in 1926. Using his own book store and publishing house, he began publishing Magische Briefe (1926-1927), Saturn-Gnosis (1928-1933), and finally, fourteen Lectures of the Lodge-School.

Eugen Grosche Fraternitas Saturni Eugen Grosche Gregor A Gregorius

The actual accomplishment of Gregorius and the FS was a more or less cohesive synthesis of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry, Luciferianism, astrological mythology, Crowleyanity (or Thelemism), sex-magical practices of the old O.T.O., various Indian yogic systems, and medieval and modern doctrines of alchemy and ritual magic.

Eugen Grosche theomagica Book Review Part 2 The First Years of the

During World War II he emigrated to Switzerland in order to avoid imprisonment, but in the course of the war he was arrested for a year by the Nazi government. After World War II Gregorius reformed Fraternitas Saturni. In 1954 he published Die magische Erweckung der Chakra, and in 1960 the novel Exorial. He died in 1964 after a heart attack.

Published works

Eugen Grosche Fraternitas Saturni Eugen Grosche Gregor A Gregorius
  • Exorial (Selbstverlag, 1960)
  • Magische Briefe, originally published 1926-1927, republished in Richard Schikowski, 1980.
  • Saturn-Gnosis, 1928-1933.
  • Pendelmagie (Richard Schikowski, 1980)
  • Sympathiemagie (Richard Schikowski, 1980)
  • Satanische Magie, the title of Magischer Brief 7 (1926), reprinted in: Richard Schikowski, 1983. ISBN 3-87702-057-7
  • Die magische Erweckung der Chakra, 1954, (reprint Esoterischer Verlag, 2005)
  • Logenschulvorträge (Esoterischer Verlag, 2006)
  • Geheimnisse der Sexualmagie (Esoterischer Verlag, 2007)
  • Magische Einweihung (Esoterischer Verlag, 2007)

  • Eugen Grosche Fraternitas Saturni Nosferatus Baby Ordo Templi Orientis
    Eugen Grosche Fraternitas Saturni Part 5 Eugen Grosche Gregor A Gregorius


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