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Kingdom  Plantae
Subfamily  Cactoideae
Scientific name  Escobaria
Rank  Genus
Family  Cactaceae
Tribe  Cacteae
Higher classification  Cactus
Order  Caryophyllales
Escobaria wwwcactusartbizschedeESCOBARIAEscobariamiss
Lower classifications  Escobaria vivipara, Escobaria missouriensis, Escobaria aguirreana, Escobaria sneedii

Cactus coryphantha minima escobaria minima blooming time

Escobaria, pincushion cactus or foxtail cactus is a genus of low-growing cacti that range from the southernmost parts of central and western Canada through northern Mexico, with one species in Cuba. The genus comprises about 23 species. The term "pincushion cactus" may also refer to the related Mammillaria.


Escobaria Escobaria minima SB423 Brewster Co TX

The stems of Escobaria range from globose to cylindrical, and lack nectar-secreting glands; while ribs are absent, tubercles are present, tending to become corky and deciduous as they age. The flowers usually appear in spring and may have a variety of colors, while the fruits are almost always red. The seeds in this genus are notable for being deeply pitted.

Escobaria Escobaria Wikipedia

Common species include the Missouri foxtail cactus E. missouriensis, widespread in grassland and forest west of the Mississippi, and the spinystar E. vivipara, distributed across the US and into Canada, first described by Nuttall in 1813.

Escobaria Escobaria sneedii ssp leii

Escobaria was defined by Nathaniel Britton and Joseph Rose in their major work The Cactaceae (1923); they named the genus after RĂ³mulo and Numa Escobar. The cacti of this genus bear many similarities to Coryphantha and Mammillaria. Two species were recently moved to Acharagma.

Escobaria Escobaria sneedii ssp leii

Escobaria garden plants


The following genera have been brought into synonymy with Escobaria:

  • Cochiseia W.H.Earle
  • Escobesseya Hester
  • Fobea Fric (nom. inval.)
  • Neobesseya Britton & Rose

  • Escobaria Escobaria abdita World of Succulents
    Escobaria Escobaria minima Wikipedia


    Escobaria Wikipedia

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