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Erythronium umbilicatum

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Liliaceae
Rank  Species
Order  Liliales
Genus  Erythronium
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Similar  Viola hastata, Erythronium americanum, Erythronium rostratum, Erythronium tuolumnense, Erythronium hendersonii

Trout lily erythronium umbilicatum

Erythronium umbilicatum (Dimpled trout lily) is a species of flowering plant in the lily family. It is native to the Southeastern United States, primarily in the Piedmont and Southern Appalachian areas. It is reported from West Virginia, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.


Erythronium umbilicatum is a spring ephemeral and its preferred habitat is forests. It has egg-shaped bulbs up to 25 cm long. Leaves are up to 20 cm long, mottled. Scape is up to 20 cm long, bearing one yellow flower, sometimes with brown spots on the tepals.


Two varieties are commonly recognized:

Erythronium umbilicatum subsp. monostolum C.R.Parks & Hardin—stolons present

Erythronium umbilicatum subsp. umbilicatum—stolons absent


Erythronium umbilicatum Wikipedia

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