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Domain  Bacteria
Order  Enterobacteriales
Scientific name  Erwinia
Rank  Genus
Phylum  Proteobacteria
Family  Enterobacteriaceae
Higher classification  Enterobacteriaceae
Erwinia bioinfobisrresinprojectdocterimageserwinia
Similar  Bacteria, Dickeya dadantii, Xanthomonas, Pseudomonas syringae, Pectobacterium

Bacterial soft rot erwinia on aeranthes

Erwinia is a genus of Enterobacteriaceae bacteria containing mostly plant pathogenic species which was named for the famous plant pathologist, Erwin Frink Smith. It contains Gram-negative bacteria related to Escherichia coli, Shigella, Salmonella, and Yersinia. They are primarily rod-shaped bacteria.


Erwinia Fire blight of pear caused by Erwinia amylovora

Many infect woody plants. A well-known member of this genus is the species E. amylovora, which causes fire blight on apples, pears, and other Rosaceae crops; E. tracheiphila, though, causes bacterial wilt of cucurbits. Other familiar species, such as E. carotovora (another major cause of plant diseases), are more distantly related to the fire blight bacterium, and been moved to genera Brenneria, Dickeya, and Pectobacterium.

Erwinia Erwinia Cross Creek Seed Inc



Species remaining in Erwinia are:

Erwinia Fire blight of apple and pear
  • Erwinia amylovora
  • Erwinia aphidicola
  • Erwinia billingiae
  • Erwinia gerundensis
  • Erwinia iniecta
  • Erwinia mallotivora
  • Erwinia oleae
  • Erwinia papayae
  • Erwinia persicina
  • Erwinia piriflorinigrans
  • Erwinia psidii
  • Erwinia pyrifoliae
  • Erwinia rhapontici
  • Erwinia tasmaniensis
  • Erwinia toletana
  • Erwinia tracheiphila
  • Erwinia typographi
  • Erwinia uzenensis
  • Candidatus Erwinia dacicola

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