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Kingdom  Animalia
Subfamily  Eristalinae
Higher classification  Eristalinae
Order  Fly
Family  Syrphidae
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Tribe
Lower classifications  Helophilus, Eristalinus, Eristalinus aeneus, Eristalinus taeniops, Eristalinus fuscicornis

Eristalinus taeniops hoverfly band eyed drone fly syrphidae eristalinae eristalini

Eristalini is a tribe of hoverflies. Several species are well-known honeybee mimics, such as the drone fly Eristalis tenax, while other genera such as Helophilus and Parhelophilus exhibit wasp-like patterns of yellow and black stripes, both strategies to avoid predation by visual predators such as birds.


They breed in decaying organic materials such as run-offs from dung heaps (Eristalis) or in ponds and ditches (e.g. Anasimyia). Some others, such as Myathropa and Mallota, breed in wet rotting tree stumps and rot holes.

A characteristic feature of this tribe is the "rat-tailed maggot" with a rear positioned telescopic breathing tube, allowing the larvae to breathe while living submerged in water or mud. This feature is also shared with another hoverfly tribe the Sericomyiini though those flies do not share the characteristic eristaline dip in wing vein R4+5.

Palpada scutellaris palpada scutellata syrphidae eristalinae eristalini

List of genera

Thompson considers the tribe Sericomyiini a subtribe of the Eristalini while others separate it.


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