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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Diptera
Higher classification  Hoverfly
Phylum  Arthropoda
Scientific name  Eristalinae
Rank  Subfamily
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Lower classifications  Eristalis, Volucella, Cheilosia, Eristalinus, Helophilus

Eristalinus taeniops hoverfly band eyed drone fly syrphidae eristalinae eristalini

Eristalinae (or Milesiinae) are one of the three subfamilies of the fly family Syrphidae, or hoverflies. A well-known species included in this subfamily is the dronefly, Eristalis tenax.


Larvae live in sap trails, under bark, in rot-holes in trees and in decaying organic material such as dung and compost. Most larvae feed on decaying organic debris. They are filter feeders in many kinds of aquatic media. They purify water by filtering microorganisms and other products. Some feed on bulbs and are considered garden pests.

Eristalinae Syrphidae Wings Eristalinae Eristalini

Palpada sp hoverfly syrphid flies syrphidae eristalinae eristalini

Eristalinae Eristalinae Wikipedia
Eristalinae Eristalinae Wikipdia
Eristalinae Palpada sp Hoverfly syrphid flies Syrphidae Eristalinae


Eristalinae Wikipedia

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