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Erden Glacier

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Erden Glacier

Erden Glacier (Bulgarian: ледник Ерден, ‘Lednik Erden’ \'led-nik er-'den) is the 6 km long and 2.8 km wide glacier on Oscar II Coast in Graham Land situated southwest of Lesicheri Glacier. It drains the southeast slopes of Forbidden Plateau, and flows southeastwards to join Jorum Glacier. The feature is named after the settlement of Erden in Northwestern Bulgaria.


Map of Erden Glacier, Antarctica


Erden Glacier is located at 65°10′25″S 62°24′00″W. British mapping in 1976.


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  • Antarctic Digital Database (ADD). Scale 1:250000 topographic map of Antarctica. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). Since 1993, regularly upgraded and updated.
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