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Epilobium minutum

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Onagraceae
Scientific name  Epilobium minutum
Rank  Species
Order  Myrtales
Genus  Epilobium
Higher classification  Willowherbs
Epilobium minutum Chaparral Willowherb Smallflowered Willowherb Epilobium minutum
Similar  Willowherbs, Epilobium clavatum, Epilobium glaberrimum, Epilobium oreganum, Epilobium densiflorum

Epilobium minutum top 6 facts

Epilobium minutum is a species of willowherb known by the common names little willowherb, chaparral willowherb and desert willowherb. It is also called "smallflower willowherb" in reference to its small size relatively. However that name, in particular the British English variant "small-flowered willowherb", typically refers to Epilobium parviflorum.


Epilobium minutum Chaparral Willowherb Smallflowered Willowherb Epilobium minutum

This annual wildflower is native to western North America from British Columbia and Alberta to California and Arizona. This is a plant of fields and meadows, including vernal pools, and it is one of the first flowers to spring up in areas recently cleared by wildfire.

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Epilobium minutum Epilobium minutum Wikipedia

Epilobium minutum is a small, spindly plant with thin, branching stems approaching a maximum of 40 centimeters in height. The sparse leaves are oval-shaped and one or two centimeters long. The stems are topped with few tiny white to light purple flowers with notched petals each a few millimeters long. The fruit is a capsule one or two centimeters in length. It is a much smaller plant than most members of the genus, referenced by both the specific name minutum as well as some of its common names.

Epilobium minutum Epilobium minutum Chaparral willowherb Discover Life
Epilobium minutum WTU Herbarium Image Collection Burke Museum
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Epilobium minutum Wikipedia

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